Tuesday, September 21, 2010

End Prohibition to Protect Gun Rights

The Washington Post recently ran another story on the Mexican government's losing drug war, focusing on the guns used and their sources, including the United States. Related stories of increasing corruption of U.S. law enforcement, especially border agents, by narcotics gangs are also on the rise. As reported in an earlier post (see: The Myth of 90%), reports of guns flowing into Mexico via the U.S. are wildly exaggerated, but focusing on guns and gun trafficking at all misses the real point:

Prohibition is a failed policy it is time to end.

Understanding supply and demand is the soul of capitalism, yet we, the world's largest and most successful capitalist democracy ignore this rule and instead create laws to control the personal habits of consenting adults and promote a modern-day piracy of transnational and interstate drug gangs whose members and methods would blend in with the worst rum runners or slavers of centuries past, not to mention the Prohibition gangs of the 1920s-30s.

The problem is drug prohibition, not gun shows, not gun dealers and not civil rights to own firearms protected under our Constitution.

End prohibition, and you end the on-going corruption of law enforcement, the profit-motive behind a majority of murders in this country as well as in Mexico, and the general erosion of the rule of law and respect for the same that occurs over the long-term when laws don't correspond to civil or substantive rights, much less to common sense. End prohibition and we gut the finances of the gang culture that has gripped American inner-cities for generations; we free up the courts and prisons for violent offenders. We save money. We save lives squandered in prison or snuffed out in pointless feuds.

It's time to stop the insanity of doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. It's time to demand change from our politicians, and give those with the courage to end this "war" our backing.

Anybody who wants to can go out to their car right now, soak a rag in gasoline & get high for a few minutes. Are we going to ban the car? Prohibition of recreational drugs (and no, I don't use them or hang around with people who do) is an historical accident that needs to be corrected. Consenting adults can huff gasoline or hairspray, they ought to be able to kill brain cells with pot, meth, heroine or prescription drugs if they really feel the need. We need to start learning from the mistakes of history instead of repeating them.

Al Capone must surely be laughing somewhere.