Thursday, August 26, 2010

Portland Mayor Sam Adams' Proposed Gun Laws

Portland Mayor Sam Adams has a new pet project. It seems he is going after gun rights in the city of Portland. Of course he is doing so in the name of public safety, but his new proposals would do nothing more than existing laws are already supposed to do, except limit the options of law abiding firearms owners. Plus, it is my understanding that it is illegal for a city to impose its own laws regarding firearms limitations. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

Below is a link to Mayor Adams' proposal. He is asking for comments. Please do comment, as it is important for Mayor Adams to hear your/our opinion. Also, I would ask that you keep your comments civil and free from personal attacks. Comments that are awash with personal attacks are hard to take seriously. Thanks.


Zak Johnson said...

Thanks for posting, B. I hope the caucus is able to address this, or perhaps the county party might be a good place to have a discussion. From what I've seen, the mayor is not making a distinction between gun ownership, carrying, and gun crime, nor is he calling for increased enforcement of laws against felons who obtain guns (which they are prohibited by law from doing, of course.) His focus on criminalizing victims of theft is especially disturbing. As the state has failed to protect privacy of CHL holders, it's likely more people are carrying without creating a public record by getting a permit. I believe they should follow the law, but I also believe the current law--which treats carrying without a permit as a misdemeanor--is more proportionate to the "crime" than anything Adams is proposing.

At the end of the day, though, he probably felt safe proposing the anti-gun laws because he has no clue about the pro-gun feelings of the Democratic community in PDX.

brian r said...


Thanks for the comment. Your points are all good, but I would also add that aspects of Adams' plan (the curfew portion) would likely not be able to be accomplished without racial profiling. Sounds like a mess to me.

A State Rep. who is also a GOC member has been in contact with the Adams camp and expressed his concerns. He will be meeting with Adams' people soon.

Ed Ebbs said...

Thanks for posting :-)
I do not understand Mayor Sam Adam's Proposal; is this a personal issue with the Mayor?

Adding to what has already been said, violent crime in the US has dropped in the last 10-15 years. Further more, a recent study completed by the Commonwealth and the failure of the British-style gun law collaborates with American research that has been unable to identify any gun law that has reduced violent crime, suicide or gun accidents. The truly violent people are a small minority and the law abiding citizens do not commit violent crimes. Violent criminals will neither obey gun bans nor refrain from turning other deadly instruments to commit violent crimes. It has been proven that the amount of violence in any particular society is not determined by a weapon of choice, but it is more a cultural thing that produce people willing to commit violence.

Talking about changes in culture, when I was in High School we had hunter safety courses where students would walk down the halls with their rifles to class; there were no thoughts of turning the weapon on their peers or anyone else...yes, this was in Oregon.

We need to look at the root cause to find solutions to violent crimes and banning gun ownership or the privacy of CHL holders is like putting a band-aid on a severed is not effective and it does not solve the problem.

In my opinion this proposal more about getting political kudos from supporters and it has very little to do with public safety.

~ Peace

Jodi said...

I just sent out the Facebook invite to the meeting this weekend and I will send out the email invite a little later today. I included the fact that we will be discussing this topic in the meeting - as requested by Brian.

I also encouraged the PDX Pink Pistols to contact Mayor Adams to possibly get together with him and educate him about guns and the feeling of Gay gun owners about this issue. They were working on it last I checked.