Thursday, August 26, 2010

Portland Mayor Sam Adams' Proposed Gun Laws

Portland Mayor Sam Adams has a new pet project. It seems he is going after gun rights in the city of Portland. Of course he is doing so in the name of public safety, but his new proposals would do nothing more than existing laws are already supposed to do, except limit the options of law abiding firearms owners. Plus, it is my understanding that it is illegal for a city to impose its own laws regarding firearms limitations. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

Below is a link to Mayor Adams' proposal. He is asking for comments. Please do comment, as it is important for Mayor Adams to hear your/our opinion. Also, I would ask that you keep your comments civil and free from personal attacks. Comments that are awash with personal attacks are hard to take seriously. Thanks.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

More Media Requests for Concealed Handgun License Records

Two new media requests for Concealed Handgun License holder's personal information were made in July. The requests were made in writing by a reporter from the Statesman Journal. Oregon Firearms Federation brought this to my attention and provided this link. Within this article there is a link to the original letter received by Sheriff Jason Myers, and it has the business contact information for the reporter making the request. There are three reasons I am bringing this up:

  1. Those in Polk and Marion Counties need to be aware that their information is likely to be released to a newspaper soon. The rest of us need to be aware that this has now officially spread beyond the original court case in Jackson County, and I am sure our time is coming soon.
  2. The calmer and more rational among us should contact the reporter via her business address or email and explain to her why publishing this information puts people at risk and will increase gun theft and thereby increase illegally available guns. Getting angry with her will only prove the point that gun haters try to make about us.
  3. All of us need to contact our legislators and candidates in legislative races to find out what their position is on passing legislation to fix this public safety problem. Then we need to share their responses here and work to elect the ones that are going to keep our names out of the papers.
I contacted the Benton County Sheriff to find out if she has gotten any of these requests yet. I will post her response when I get it. I know what response I will get from my Representative and Senate Candidate (I've already asked them in the past), but I am going to put them on the spot and post their response here. I encourage each of you to do the same.