Friday, May 07, 2010

New Gun Owners Caucus Hats Available

An email will be going out today to all GOC Members, with information on how to order a GOC hat. For now, you can see what they look like here. I am not posting the information on how to order in the blog, because it will include Jay's contact information.

The hats will cost $10 + $5 shipping. This is not a Democratic Party Fundraiser. This will just cover the cost of the hat and shipping. If Jay has any money left over after covering costs, he will make a donation in that amount to the DPO.

If you want to receive information about how to order your own GOC shooting hat, be sure you are an official member of the Democratic Party of Oregon's Gun Owners Caucus: Join Here.

Thanks to Jay Sexton for taking the initiative to have these hats made!


Jodi said...

The GOC Hat email is going out at 11pm tonight. We had a little problem with our email address not allowing replies and this email is also asking people to reply who are interested in starting Local Chapters or who are running for PCP positions in their local precincts.

Welcome letters had the same issue, so if you ever tried to reply to a Welcome letter, I apologize. The problem is corrected now for all future email messages.

Anonymous said...

Jodi, where can I get some of the bumper stickers that say, "Democrats don't want your guns. They have their own."

I've had several requests lately. Please let me know at: Mark Fritch, Box 1720, Sandy, Oregon 97055; 503-849-6316