Thursday, May 27, 2010

We need to increase our membership!

I recently received an email from the DPO about the Castillo / Maurer race for Superintendent of Public Education. The email stated that the election is close and that anyone who is notified that the signature on their ballot was rejected should get it taken care of immediately, so that every vote is counted. That part of the email was fine, but this statement really frustrated me:
"And this election counts … keep in mind that Ron Maurer, Susan Castillo's opponent, supports handguns in public schools & opposed the Healthy Kids Plan. If he wins, it will turn back the clock on public education in the State of Oregon."
I am not taking a public position on this race, but I am taking issue with the use of the "gun issue" as a scare tactic by a representative of the DPO. I, and several others, sent a reply to that email pointing out that alienating gun owners by statements like this will not benefit the Party.

I am frustrated, but not ready to leave the DPO. It took a lot of thought, though, after seeing that email message. This is my solution: WE NEED TO GROW THE GOC! We currently have 118 GOC members in 28 counties. We need to be in all 37 counties and we need a membership that demonstrates to the DPO that gun owners and Second Amendment supporters are active voting members of this Party and that they need to respect us. We know we exist in large numbers, but the DPO doesn't. We need to come together so we can flex our muscles in the Party.

I am sure you have friends that are either Independents because of the "gun issue" or Democrats who support gun rights, but don't necessarily own a gun. We need to each actively contact our friends and discuss the Second Amendment with them. If they say they support it, encourage them to join the GOC. If they are Independents point out to them that the general election ballot will give them the same choices if they are a Democrat as it does as an Independent, and by becoming a Democrat and a member of the GOC they will help us change the landscape of Oregon politics with respect to guns.

We also need volunteers to be Local Chapter Representatives, so we can organize events locally and grow our membership. If you are interested in becoming a County LCR for the GOC, please let us know here.

Here are some tools to help you recruit friends:

  • Here is the Democratic Party of Oregon's official position on the Second Amendment: 2005-008.
  • Voter Registration changes or new registrations can be done online.
  • Here is information about the GOC.
  • New members can join here.
  • Order a GOC hat and wear it to the range to help us advertise.

We are the second largest DPO Caucus, and I can tell you that the largest Caucus gets more respect than we do. The difference in our numbers is significant (118 v. 3,500), but there were 37,126 Democrats in Oregon with hunting licenses in 2008 (the last numbers I have access to). Hunters are only a portion of the gun owners and Second Amendment supporting Democrats in this state. We just need to get the word out.

The best and easiest place to start recruiting members is in your home. Does your wife or husband support the Second Amendment? How about your other relatives? How about the guys you hunt or shoot with? Get them to sign up and check the box "I'm interested in joining this caucus". They can choose if they want to receive the newsletter or not.

Please join me in growing our Caucus, so we will have the impact that I think all of us would really like to see.

Friday, May 07, 2010

New Gun Owners Caucus Hats Available

An email will be going out today to all GOC Members, with information on how to order a GOC hat. For now, you can see what they look like here. I am not posting the information on how to order in the blog, because it will include Jay's contact information.

The hats will cost $10 + $5 shipping. This is not a Democratic Party Fundraiser. This will just cover the cost of the hat and shipping. If Jay has any money left over after covering costs, he will make a donation in that amount to the DPO.

If you want to receive information about how to order your own GOC shooting hat, be sure you are an official member of the Democratic Party of Oregon's Gun Owners Caucus: Join Here.

Thanks to Jay Sexton for taking the initiative to have these hats made!