Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hypervigilant law enforcement want the public disarmed: Man cited for open carry even though it's legal

A Vancouver man was cited recently for openly carrying a handgun in a grocery store even though it's legal to do so. [Click here to read full article.] Many in the public, including many gun owners who carry concealed firearms every day, do not support our centuries old open carry laws. Portland Democratic Senator Ginny Burdick is particularly hostile to our gun rights and has recently spoken out against the right to open carry.

Remind your friends and representatives that the Second Amendment is not our "right to keep and bear sporting goods." It's our right to keep and bear arms. This is based on our inherent and natural right to be free from oppression and our natural right of self defense. A gun is worthless in self defense when it's not easily accessible. Some people find a firearm more accessible when it's not concealed. That's their business and their choice -- a choice that free men are permitted to make in a free society without government intervention.

Which brings us to the primary reason for the Second Amendment: to be free from oppression. It is often said that the Second Amendment is there to protect the other nine. Governments in modern times have enslaved people and committed acts of genocide AFTER DISARMING THE PUBLIC. This can't happen to us, right? "This is America," you might say. You are correct. It can't happen to us, because James Madison and the gang contitutionally guaranteed that our government can't do what others have done.

It is amazing how quickly we forget the gun control laws of the Soviet Union, Nationalist China, Nazi Germany, Communist China and the Khmer Rouge that preceded their killing of more than 60 million people. And that still leaves us to ponder the gun control legislation that preceded the death of the one million Armenians at the hands of Ottoman Turkey, or the indigenous peoples and other political enemies killed at the hands of Guatemala or genocide at the hands of government in Rwanda and Uganda. Our Founding Fathers knew the threat of a government to its people, hence the Second Amendment. History has unfortunately reaffirmed this lesson again and again.

History proves that a government's oppression of its people always begins with disarming the public and hypervigilant law enforcement enforcing those laws. Educate your friends and neighbors of this or we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of others.

C. Michael Arnold,
Attorney at Law
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Eugene, Oregon, USA

Thursday, March 11, 2010

News from the Quarterly GOC Meeting

The first GOC quarterly meeting for 2010 was recently held at the SCC meeting in Hood River. Overall it was a very productive meeting. I would just like to share a few key points that were discussed/decided at the meeting.

First off, we had a quick election for both Chair and Vice Chair positions. This is because I was temporarily filling in as Chair because our former Chair resigned his position. I was previously the Vice Chair, which left a vacancy in that position. I temporarily appointed Ed Ebbs to be Vice Chair until we could have an election for both positions. After the election, I (Brian Reichhoff) am still the Chair, and Ed is still the Vice Chair. With those little details out of the way, it was time to move on to the real business.

Once again, the topic of local chapters of the GOC was discussed. We talked about changing the language of our bylaws to allow for local chapters. There was previously mention of the posibility of future local chapters in the bylaws, but we all decided on new language since it was unanimously agreed that local chapters would be beneficial to the caucus. The executive committee is currently in the proccess of making these changes. Local chapters will be based on a county level. A local chapter will consist of two or more members, and a representitive will be appointed by each chapter. That representative will report all activity of their chapter to the Executive Comittee of the GOC one week before each quarterly GOC meeting. Each local chapter representative will then have a seat on the Executive Comittee.

We also discussed GOC hats, and formulated a plan to make them happen. We decided on logo, font, color, material, etc., and have a place lined up to do the work. Along with the hats, we are also looking in to bumber stickers, and business cards. We will keep you all posted about the progress of these projects.

I put the bug in everyone's ear to start thinking about the next GOC group shooting event. A few ideas were thrown out there, but nothing has been solidified. If anyone has any ideas, please comment. The group shoots are a great way to build comradery, and also introduce new shooters to our hobby. It is also always fun to get a few politicians out there shooting with us. Please give the shoot some thought and let me know if there are any ideas.

As I stated earlier, the meeting was quite productive, and there was a decent turn out. Thank you to all of those who attended. Everyone had great insight and all were very helpful guiding me through my many fumbles while leading my first GOC meeting as Chair. We have a great group and I am very excited about the future of the GOC!