Monday, February 08, 2010

Vast Left Wing Conspiracy to promote the Second Amendment

Guest Column by "KVoimakas," founder of RKBA on Daily Kos:

There is a new pro-2A group on DKos. We're dedicated to informing and educating any liberals on the political hazards of gun control and the history of the Second Amendment. We cover serious discussion, ranging from the Heller court case and the intent of the founding fathers to lighter conversation about what each individual members owns.

For those who don't know, is a Democratic, partisan blog. The founder of Daily Kos (kos himself) is Markos Moulitsas. He had this to say in early 2010 about his website:

"Daily Kos will be what Daily Kos is, and that oftentimes evolves. I know everyone wants their clearly defined rules, but nothing is that simple. This site is CERTAINLY NOT for all Democrats. Joe Lieberman learned that. Blanche Lincoln is about to learn it. This site is about more and better Democrats, not necessarily in that order."

Gun rights are not a right wing issue.
Gun rights are an American citizen's issue. More gun control equals lost elections for the Democrats. Look back at '94 after the "assault weapons ban" (what a joke for the name, by the way) was passed. Clinton himself said that the NRA could be given credit for the Republican takeover of Congress. (What good could Clinton have done with a liberal/progressive Congress? I would think it'd be a lot better than what the Republican Congress ended up doing.)

Our mission statement is as follows:

"RKBA is a DKos group of second amendment supporters who also have progressive and liberal values. We don't think that being a liberal means one has to be anti-gun. Some of us are extreme in our Second Amendment views (no licensing, no restrictions on small arms) and some of us are more moderate (licensing in some instances) Moderate or extreme, we hold one common belief: more gun control equals lost elections. We don't want a repeat of 1994.

We are an inclusive group: if you see the Second Amendment as safeguarding our right to keep and bear arms individually, then come join us in our conversation. If you are against the right to keep and bear arms, come join our conversation. We look forward to seeing you.

RKBA stands for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms."

Daily Kos RKBA look forward to greeting any newcomers. If you'd like to join the RKBA mailing list, please email us at dkos.rkba at with your DKos username and if you'd like to be added to the private email list (BCC) or the public (TO) email list.

Welcome to the conversation!



KVoimakas said...

I'll be around to answer any questions or comments people might have. Have a great day everyone!

brian r said...

Great! I look forward to hearing more.

Jodi said...

I tried to navigate The Daily Kos to find the RKBA area, but I couldn't find it. I do not have a KOS username. Is there an easy link we could use - for those of us who hear a lot about Daily KOS, but have never been there before now?

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Anonymous said...

You're being had.

KVoimakas is more Republican than Newt Gingrich.