Friday, February 12, 2010

Gratuitous Paraphernalia - Share Your Gun Bling

I don't hoard of lot of gun culture "bling" but now and then I find something that I like too much to pass up:

This hat button is from Bob Zimmer; Blue Steel Democrat, caucus member, former Multnomah Co. sheriff, one-time gunshot victim (no permanent damage, thankfully), and ardent 2nd Amendment supporter. Bob believes these buttons were promos given out in the early 70s.

Be assured, Bob, it's worn with pride.

Anybody else got some favorite bling to share? Post it in the comments.



Jodi said...

I don't have any "gun bling". I have never found any I like. There isn't much out there for pro-Gun Democrats. Even my NHSA "Pro-Gun - Pro-Obama" sticker is fading to the point you can't read it.

I started this a while ago: I need to get back to it and get some more sayings and more items out there. It is my create your own "gun bling" site!

Zak Johnson said...

I love it!

brian r said...

I've got a neck tie that I posted about a while back. Also some Adidas shoes "Pistol Petes" that have peacemakers on them. Then there are the GOC hats. I can't think of anything else right now, but I'm sure there is more. One day I hope to have a large tattoo covering my back. The tattoo would be two crossed 1873 peacemakers with a lot of floral scroll work. One barrel would be engraved with my name and the other with my wife's. Either above or below the guns would be the words "love is power." However, if I ever have the money for that, I'll probably just buy more guns :)

Anonymous said...

I have a t-shirt that says

I'm pro choice
And I return fire

But I'm not sure that qualifies as "gun bling."

The alternative gun zine American Gun Culture Report (dot com) has a nice sticker that says "Might--not just for the right." And crossed scary black guns. Also available as a button.

I've always wanted a t-shirt with an AR-15 and the slogan

Ask me about my anti-assault rifle

Jodi or anyone, go ahead and steal this idea. :)


Jodi said...

I really like the pro-choice one and I think I will steal that. I don't get the "anti-assault rifle" one. I must be being dense.

brian r said...

I forgot to add that I have a small rug from Afghanistan that has many images of AK-47's, grenades, RPG's, tanks and helicopters woven into it. It says "the Russians are Coming." My wife's family's business is in oriental rugs, so they got this rug for me as a Christmas present one year. I keep it hanging above my gun safe.

brian r said...

I made a mistake. The rug says "USSR is coming," not "Russia is coming."

Mikke said...

Hi, Jodi--

I call my AR my anti assault rifle because that's what it is--it's there to keep me from being assaulted.

It's a way I challenge mindless use of the term "assault rifle," particularly among anti-RKBA liberal friends.

Brian, the love of my life had one of those rugs. Small, though, with a giant nicely rendered AK47. It didn't say "the USSR is coming," and it also has a guy kneeling with a rocket launcher on his shoulder. We gave it to a young friend, a lieutenant in my Anti Zombie Army. We're getting to that age where we feel like giving various stuff away.


Jodi said...

Oh, I get it. I probably would have understood if I had heard you say it. For some reason it wasn't registering in type. Now that I get it, I like it!

I love the reference to the Anti-Zombie Army. We have a son who is in the military that would probably love to hear more about that if it is a real organization. I bought him Zombie targets for when we went to visit him last and we had a grand time shooting them up. We have fun joking about zombie killing.