Friday, January 29, 2010

Tell Oregon GOP To Keep Violence Out of Political Ads

I don't really care what the intent of the Washington County GOP was when they posted the image below showing a red figure shooting a blue figure in the head. Whatever they meant to say, they said it the wrong way.

Violent imagery has real-life consequences and if political parties want to work within our legal and Constitutional framework, they need to behave like responsible and LOYAL opposition, not wild-eyed maniacs. In the past year, a state Democratic party leader has been murdered by an assassin, ranting partisans have come to presidential rallies carrying loaded firearms, doctors have been murdered, and so on, all of it partially driven by overheated partisan rhetoric. Images matter. Rhetoric matters. Stop yelling "fire" in a crowded senate chamber!

Civility is the basis of civilization, guys, not stuff like this: Way down.

Read the whole story, You stay classy, WaCoGop, at Blue Oregon.

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