Thursday, January 07, 2010

Obama's the most pro-gun presidency in recent history

Examining the record instead of the rhetoric, outdoor writer "Wild" Bill Schneider recommends the NRA erect a monument to Barack Obama on their front lawn:

"Obama, with help from his fellow Dems throughout the country, has done more for firearm owners than any President in recent history, including vocally pro-gun Republicans."

Check the record:
  • Applying state concealed carry laws to National Parks? Done.
  • Allow guns on Amtrak? Done.
  • Support state law for carrying openly at political rallies? Done as well.

Will the NRA's anti-Obama hyperbole and fear-mongering (which is fund-raising in disguise) subside? Probably not. But hopefully if Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor joins the majority in favor of incorporating the 2nd Amendment to the states in McDonald v. Chicago when that is argued March 2, 2010, the NRA will at least start rethinking its current strategy of acting as a surrogate for the GOP.


Chuck Butcher said...

"start rethinking its current strategy of acting as a surrogate for the GOP."

Don't bet on it, having a devil is important if you're going to use fear as a tool. The NRA has done this so long I'm not sure they know how to act like an advocacy group any more.

brian r said...


It's good to hear from you. Unfortunately I tend to agree with you, but.......we can always hope.

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

That cannot be. Then, why is BO taking them AWAY and confiscating'm? Preposterous he's the prez of the second ammendment. If he's gonna start WWIII soon and blame it on American patriots, Janet Napolitano is my sister, brudda. God bless you. You're gonna need it if you hope to grow-out of that liberal, tranceNdentalism victimology (that's where you go to the dentist and he puts you in a trance during yer root canal).

Zak Johnson said...

Feel free to post any link to evidence of gun confiscation or other abridgments of 2nd Amendment rights that have happened as a result of Obama policies or orders. I've yet to see any, but there is plenty of evidence he supports RKBA in actions, not just words. Really--if you have evidence & not just angry rhetoric I would genuinely love to see it.

I find it amazing the right wing is in such a lather over civil rights NOW after being mute during all the actions of the last administration to trample on most of the Constitution in the name of national security. It makes it difficult to believe your agenda is genuinely about preserving liberty instead of just preserving power.

I've shown my evidence. Please post yours. If Democratic or Republican or Libertarian or any other public figures make a move against my liberties, I'll fight them; and join allies from across the political spectrum to do it. But I don't waste energy boxing with shadows.

brian r said...


You are joking right?

Anonymous said...

Zak cuts right to the bone with his observation about the NRA/GOP connection. I have really mixed feelings about that.

On the one hand, I know that I sat on my ass from the '70s through the '90s and let gun controllers whittle away the Second Amendment. As a liberal I was obsessed with activism around the First Amendment. Now I feel like we all need to give credit to each other for covering the bases and move forward together.

I mention all this not to be simplistic. I have a big concern about how large, successful, mass-focused institutions can be disabled by their own effectiveness. It's as though once something becomes incorporated (in the chartered corporation sense), it automatically converts into something that cannot represent our INDIVIDUAL liberties. Only some view of that washed through giant institutions. This is a windy-er version of What Chuck Said, demonfear and advocacy being mutually exclusive modes of operation.

I have serious problems with the NRA--politically for sure...but even more the rights that they compromised away, usually under GOP regimes.

Having said that I cannot view Barack Obama as pro-gun until he comes out and does something really wowser. Like say inviting Pink Pistols to the White House for dinner and a shoot on the lawn. :D I fucking wanna see Michelle and the girls out there with AR-15s. Just once. The woman's anti-assault rifle.

What I'd more realistically like to see is a pro-gun group that is apolitical and educational in thrust. One that seeks to de-fear and de-polarize America's martial art. One that celebrates what Zak noted in a later posting--that the TOOLS of liberty and the WILL for it are two different things, and those who have both are our nation's hope.

My sense in interacting with hardline NRA conservatives at my rifle range/club is that they too are weary of the constant prairie fires of righteous opprobrium, fear, meanness, etc. A lot of them are really nice guys overall--dads, family men, good friends, who get all excited when they see a little lizard behind the firing line shelter, and hurry to scootle it to somewhere safer in case it gets stepped on.

It's just that there is no other model out there for their view/use. I try to provide that in our personal interactions, which I suppose is why some of them refer to me as "the only thinking liberal they ever met, with a sense of humor."

This is, I think, one of the ugly side benefits of "the Sixties"--youth culture that is having a hard time growing up and dealing with each other as adults, instead of these unending dramas of bashing the fathers in our heads.

Sorry for running on, but I've been giving all these things a lot of thought, and it's a psychological relief to see others are too.


Zak Johnson said...

Great feedback, pookie. Thanks for the thoughtful post.

And for this: "I fucking wanna see Michelle and the girls out there with AR-15s. Just once..."

You and me both, amen!

tonyspdx said...

I think it was a grand campaign by NRA prior to the election to segregate pro-gun vs. anti-gun and make it a hot bed topic. It has been a long time since gun rights have been addressed in this nation and any politician that wants to keep their job has to be on the side of the pro-gun movement, unless you are from NYC, where they just outlawed salt.

Just remember, the Dems had a majority chance to change many laws in this nation, but failed to pull their party together. This is their failure. Now come November the "Force" will come back into balance.

Born Again Libertarian

Hank Archer said...

Well - was the NRA right about Sotomayor? She did not join the majority in favor of incorporating the 2nd Amendment to the states in McDonald v. Chicago so I guess "the NRA [won't ...] start rethinking its current strategy of acting as a surrogate for the GOP."

And, the NRA (I'm sure), would love it if there were two political parties equally willing to support the 2nd amendment.

Until the Democrats drop their reflexive anti-firearms policies I'm afrad the NRA will continue to predominately endorse Republican candidates.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'm buying what you're trying to sell. These so called pro gun bills got attached to bills that Obama was hot, hot, hot to get to his desk.

Robin said...

The NRA does not act as a surrogate for the GOP. The Democratic Party has spent years driving NRA members to the GOP. Even though the NRA has had numerous Democrats on the Board of Directors and in leadership positions.

Now with the Obama administration's ATF gearing up for more attacks on the gun community and manufacturers, there is no reason to believe the theme of this post is at all true.