Wednesday, January 06, 2010

NBA and Random Metal Detectors

On the news last night and this morning it was briefly mentioned that the NBA has decided to institute walk-through metal detectors at random times during basketball games. This means that the Rose Garden will have these walk-through detectors during occasional Trail Blazer games. This very well may prove to be a hassle for CHL holders like myself (although I attend very few Blazer games). One will not know if the detectors are in place until one reaches the door. Therefore, a CHL holder must decide to either leave the gun at home (not a good choice in my eyes), leave the gun in the vehicle (which could result in theft), or chance it and walk up to the doors with the gun on one's person. The NBA says this is a measure to keep players, and spectators safe. I think it sucks. What do you all think?


Zak Johnson said...

What are the current regs in your local stadium regarding CHL? As public property in Oregon they may be prohibited from banning CHLs, regardless of what signs they put up. The Port of Portland for years put up signs saying CHL guns were illegal when in fact they were not--only the tireless efforts of Rep. Jeff Barker & others finally got them to back down. Odd that the NBA believes it can implement such sweeping, national rules at its games, especially for fans when its the players they seem to be trying to control. Stupid.

brian r said...

Unfortunately they kind of have us by the balls anyway even if they can't legally regulate legal concealed carry. I say this because it would be quite a scene to go through the medal detector only for them to find out that you do indeed have a gun (even if it is deemed legal for you to have it there). Imagine the scene with all of the other people around and such, and you trying to explain that it is legal for you to have the gun. It would be quite embarrassing I bet.

Zak Johnson said...

Agreed, dangerous as well to be id'd as carrying in public. "Concealed" is the whole point, though open carry is also completely legal in OR.