Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Changes in the Gun Owners Caucus

Hello all. I just wanted to keep you all informed about the changes that are occurring within the Gun Owners Caucus. Recently our Chair, Chuck Butcher stepped down which some of you may or may not know. Chuck and our previous Chair, Zak Johnson are the co founders of the Gun Owners Caucus. After recently being elected Vice Chair (and still treasurer), I (Brian Reichhoff) stepped into the role of Chair when Chuck stepped down. This left us in a bit of a conundrum as we no longer had a Vice Chair.

As acting Chair of the GOC it falls within my power to appoint a Vice Chair. I spoke with our Secretary (Jodi Russell) and asked for her invaluable input as to who might make an effective Vice Chair. In the process I offered her the position which she graciously declined. Jodi offered a couple of names and lo and behold, one of them was someone that I too had in mind. The name that we both came up with is Ed Ebbs. Ed has a good background in politics (unlike myself) and would be a valuable asset.

To make a long story short, I contacted Ed to get his thoughts on the matter. Ed's response was that he "would be happy to help out wherever needed." I offered Ed the position of Vice Chair and he graciously accepted. So the current Executive officers of the Gun Owners Caucus are as follows:

Chair: Brian Reichhoff
Vice Chair: Ed Ebbs
Secretary: Jodi Russell
Treasurer: Brian Reichhoff

Keep in mind that these positions may be temporary as we will need to hold an election at the next GOC meeting. The meeting date is currently unknown, but GOC members will be notified of time date and location via email.


edwardebbs said...

234567Thank you Brian for that introduction. I will help where I can. I will also try to help you to define us as democrats and what are values are to defend against the political rhetoric that paints a false picture of our belief system in regards to our second amendment rights. We must also remember, whatever one's reason for exercising their second amendment rights, it comes with responsibility.

I think as a group we can take the lead in our communities to provide education in use of gun ownership to avoid or recognizing situations before they escalate to a situation where one would have to make difficult decisions.

There is also hunter safety and training, and FUN, we can have FUN and activities that promotes a sense of community among us.

Thank you and others for this opportunity to make a difference!

Ed Ebbs

PS - We can as a group work on establishing group discounts for our needs, yay...we work hard for our money :-)

Anonymous said...
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Chuck Butcher said...

I'd Like to make clear to the membership that although I resigned the office I am still a dedicated member. The resignation had nothing to do with my relationships within DPO or GOC.

While it is unfortunate to have so much leadership upheaval in such a short time we have a good team lined up.

brian r said...

Thanks Chuck. We are glad you are still on board, and I may be asking you for advice from time to time.

sheril said...

I like your blog and the information you provide. Gun ownership is surely a necessary step

brian r said...

Thanks Sheril. Please keep reading, and feel free to contribute.