Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cato Institute Accuses NRA of Endangering Chicago Gun Rights Case

In a move that may actually end up compromising this landmark gun rights case, the NRA has succeeded in taking away 1/3 of the argument time in McDonald v. Chicago from Alan Gura, the lawyer who successfully argued Heller v. D.C* and who is the primary lawyer for McDonald v. Chicago, a case that could potentially extend the Heller decision to cover all local governments.

Ilya Shapiro of The Cato Institute, certainly no liberal outpost, takes the NRA to task for this reckless, unprofessional move:

NRA Cares More about NRA Than Gun Rights, Liberty, Professional Courtesy

"If the NRA were concerned about the final outcome of the case, it would be unlikely to attack Alan’s [primary lawyer in Heller] strategy or question his preparation (an odd way to be “helpful” to one’s side). It is not a stretch to predict that this case will be favorably decided at least in part on due process grounds, however, so what we are seeing here is likely an attempt by the NRA to position itself as responsible for such a victory – and that Alan isn’t. Utimately, then, the NRA is engaging here in fundraising, not liberty-promotion or ethical lawyering."

Shapiro makes a good argument that the NRA needs to sit down and shut up. Let's hope the NRA's grandstanding isn't fatal to Gura's arguments.

Read the whole article, here.

* The 2008 Heller decision marked the first time the Supreme Court ruled that states and other local juridictions may not ban ownership of firearms, including pistols, by private citizens for use in their homes. Many places, such as Chicago, still do this and the McDonald v. Chicago case, to be argued in the Supreme Court in March, has the potential to force cities to stop abridging 2nd Amendment rights, most likely by invoking 14th Amendment protections.

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Anonymous said...

This comports with the NRA's recent actions in Virginia, where they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat a Democratic candidate with a 100 percent NRA rating.

The NRA has become not just a money-vacuum, it has also become an utterly partisan, wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican party.

We desperately need a good, effective, national, liberal alternative to the NRA. Unfortunately the ASHA, which looked like it was going to become that organization, is pretty clearly drawing its final breaths, and will expire shortly.

Zak Johnson recently suggested checking out "Liberal Gun Club" online. At their site I found a list of other liberal second amendment groups. If anyone here knows anything about any of them, it might be useful to let everyone else here know what you've found.