Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Cheap Shots for 2009

Daniel Barnett over at Amendment II Democrats offers his "Cheap Shots for 2009," the best & worst (mostly worst) in gun rights and gun grabbing efforts for this nearly over Year of Our Lord, two thousand and nine.

A sample:

The "Things That Could Have Been Brought To My Attention YESTERDAY" Award
Dr. Robert C. Miller, Former Director of Cook Counseling Center at Virginia Tech

Seung-hui Cho's deadly 2007 rampage at Virginia Tech could have been prevented - not by new and restrictive gun laws, but by consulting Cho's mental health records when he sought to purchase his guns. But the records that could have prevented a massacre remained in the home of Dr. Miller and were never shared with the proper authorities, so they never came up in Cho's background check. And even after the shootings, it took more than two years for those records to see the light of day. The system broke down, and the students at Virginia Tech paid dearly for what appears to be Dr. Miller's pallid incompetence.


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