Tuesday, December 08, 2009

America's Pointless Gun Fight

Long-time gun rights activist Richard Feldman tells it like it is in today's LA Times. The former NRA regional director and author of "Ricochet: Confessions of a Gun Lobbyist" blames both the anti-gun rhetoric of the extreme left and the anti-government rhetoric of the extreme right for hiding the reality of a broad consensus on gun rights in America.

Polls show the majority of Americans favor gun policy that is pro-civil rights, pro-security, and pro-keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, kids and the insane. It's the two screaming fringes that make it hard to hear ourselves think.

Says Feldman:

The "crazy" thing about the gun debate in America is how misguided and off-base both sides of the issue are. An example from one side is The Times' Dec. 1 editorial on the Washington state police officer shootings, "Crazy about guns"; from the other side, we have almost any fundraising appeal over the last year from the National Rifle Assn. Both sides offer little compromise on this issue, making the gun debate one of extremes. Our leaders ignore the important truths needed to formulate and articulate policy proposals that address the reality of life in America in a constructive and collaborative way.

Hard to disagree. Read the rest of the article, here: America's Pointless Gun Fight.


brian r said...

I have often felt that this is the case. It is nice to see that others feel the same. It is hard to remember this when all we hear/read is a barrage from either extreme side. Thanks for posting this.

brian r said...

I just looked at the polls and unfortunately, the numbers are still pretty high for Dems in favor of stricter gun laws. I don't like that! It is nice to see however, that those numbers are decreasing by large chunks. I hope this trend continues.