Friday, October 02, 2009

GOC Chair Greeting

My name is Chuck Butcher and I am the new DPO/Gun Owners Caucus Chair. Zak Johnson had been the GOC Chair from the formation of our organization which was an outgrowth of the DPO Resolution 2005-008 which I authored. I was a DPO sponsor and charter member of GOC though I have tried to stay in the background of the Caucus. I already have quite a few Party functions, I am a PCP, Baker County Chair, and Baker County SCC Delegate so I preferred to be helpful from a low profile. That's not how this went so I now will share my ideas regarding GOC.

The DPO/Gun Owners Caucus is one of the larger Party Caucuses but it is not nearly large enough. This is not about a competition with any other Party Caucus, it is about the process of convincing people that the Democratic Party is not a party of gun grabbers, it is in fact a Party which respects the 2nd Amendment. There are some politicians who wear "D" after their name and there are those who claim to be linked to the Party who are not. The GOC is an official part of the Democratic Party of Oregon which is an official part of DNC and Resolution 2005-008 is the official stance of the DPO. Number are politically impressive, and they are impressive to the media. I believe our first mission is to increase our numbers while making it clear that we are not the NRA or any other professional fundraising scare machine arm of the Republican Party.

It is extraordinarily easy to become a member of the GOC,the link is right here. While the GOC might occasionally do some fundraising or help with events, the most likely thing to be asked of a member is to recruit more members. In fact I am asking that now.

The rules around political fundraising within an organization like DPO are somewhat arcane and create difficulties in compliance. It is seldom in the interest of something like the GOC to try to raise funds for itself. While it is quite easy to comply while asking for contributions to DPO it also is not in our interest to pester our members. Many of us have at one time or the other been members of organizations like NRA and been endlessly pestered for money, we shouldn't go there.

Events like shoots whether for competition or fun are useful for our own bonding and as earned media tools. This is particularly true when politically visible people are involved in the activity. Visibility is a real goal and best achieved with a large number of members, that makes us interesting to media and to politicians. We have tools to reach voters and that is valuable to any politician.

I now have a pretty steep learning curve to utilize the tools and maintain communication with our membership. I'll do that and I'll ask you to reach out to your friends and acquaintances to join. You can reach me at cbutcherATbakervalleyDOTnet.


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