Tuesday, September 22, 2009

News From the SCC Meeting

Hello all. There is big news from Sunday's SCC meeting that was held in Salem on 9/2o/09. As you all know, Zak Johnson (our former Chair) moved to the East Coast recently. In Zak's absence, Chuck Butcher (our former Vice Chair) was acting as our Chair. Well, after an election held at the SCC meeting, I am pleased to announce that Chuck is now officially the Chair of the Gun Owners' Caucus of the DPO. This created one problem (perhaps more if you are Chuck :)). With our former Vice Chair moving in to the Chair position, we needed to elect a new Vice Chair.

After Chuck announced the fact that we indeed needed to elect a Vice Chair he graciously asked for nominations. After an uncomfortable silence, I slowly spoke up an asked a few questions about the responsibilities of the Vice Chair position. A few seconds later, I found myself being nominated. I am somewhat pleased, though terrified to announce that I, Brian Reichhoff (former Treasurer) am the new Vice Chair (and still Treasurer......I think). I hope that I am able to perform my duties, whatever they may be, and help keep the GOC going strong.

Another Awesome member of the GOC, Jodi Russell, has been acting as the caucus Secretary for the last couple of months. Even though there was not an official election held at the SCC meeting for this position, Jodi will continue to perform these duties. I am very thankful, and excited for this as Jodi has some great ideas and is willing to take on the big responsibility of this position.

After talking with Chuck and Jodi, we decided that organization should be a top priority of the caucus at this time. We are looking at creating some small focus groups, and/or committees to focus on certain aspects of gun ownership and responsibilities such as fund raising, making connections for events, recruiting new members and such. We have no idea what this will look like as of yet, and I am probably prematurely mentioning it as we have not discussed it in much length or detail, but if any of you are intersted in helping, please let us (Chuck, Jodi, or I) know.

In closing, I would like to thank Chuck Butcher for agreeing to be our fearless leader, and Jodi Russell for continuing at the Secretary position. I believe that with strong people like them, we will continue to grow and thrive as a caucus.

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Chuck Butcher said...

Your 'fearless leader' would like to thank Jodi and Brian for stepping into the breach.

The Committee positions would involve being a clearing house/coordinator - no large responsibilities - simply unloading the Chair a bit.