Thursday, June 11, 2009

Safe Guns, Scarce Ammo

New blog post on American Hunters and Shooters Association, "Safe Guns, Scarce Ammo."

Hysteria creates scarcity. Unfounded hysteria creates politics. Do the actions of President Obama and the Democratic Congress justify the continued hoarding ammunition for a coming ATF Armageddon? The record to date would indicate not.

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Anonymous said...

Schoenke President of the AHSA donated $5,000 to Handgun Control, Inc. (now the Brady Campaign) and the Ray and Holly Schoenke Foundation also made donations to the Brady Campaign. What are you doing? Conflict of intrest? I thought this group could be different. I understand that the NRA isn't perfect, but they don't give endorsments to Repulicans with anti-gun policies.

Zak Johnson said...

Thanks for the comment. Did you know Ronald Reagan began his political career as a communist? Seriously. Times change. I think you'll find AHSA no longer has ties with the Brady Campaign. I certainly don't, and wouldn't be part of a group that wasn' genuinely committed to 2nd Amendment issues. Discussions within AHSA focus on straight-forward protection of the 2nd Amendment, and in the broadest terms that implies. We are moving forward. Asking members--and non-members who are also deeply concerned about protecting their rights--what the grassroots priorities are is part of that movement. Aside from rehashing the past, what are your concerns, priorities and strategy recommendations for today? Thanks again.

Colin said...

Additionally - It was Ray's wife Nancy who donated through their foundation. Ray, as a life-long hunter and gun-owner. Is staunchly pro-2nd Amendment.

Anonymous said...

My concerns are doing what is effective. What meaningful legislation has the AHSA brought to the table? I mean legislation that effects the entire gun-owner population, not just hunters. The advisory board for the AHSA is questionable. What insight does this group bring to broaden membership and are they setting a course that will ultimately protect all gun-owners, just not there hobbies. I am saying this because the AHSA has a track record of not being effective. Other gun-owner organizations (SAF) are even more effective regionally. Some say the NRA doesn't represent hunters, there right, they represent gun-owners. You are a gun-owner before you are a hunter. Because without guns, there are no hunters, unless you are a bow hunter. Root Cause, it starts with the root cause of our problems. Incremental gun restriction is the tactic of today. Where is the voice of the AHSA in Chicago, LA, and NY. Pandering to the City, State, and Federal Government leaders at fancy dinners (Mayors Against Illegal Guns) whose agenda doesn’t accurately represent their groups title, just make the organization look weak.