Friday, June 19, 2009

Posting senators' home addresses is a bad idea!

I’ve been hearing many comments about folks wanting to retaliate against what they consider the cowardly state senators who could not stand up to party leadership to protect our privacy rights and our Second Amendment rights. The most popular idea submitted seems to be to publish the personal home addresses of Senate Democrats (those in the senate leadership and the Judiciary Committee in particular) and newspaper editors.

While this on its face may sound like fitting retribution for those with no regard for our personal privacy and safety, I strongly caution against this approach. We should be taking the high road here and not personalizing this fight. Exposing their personal contact information is a bad idea and puts those that supported House Bill 2727 on the same level of those that post home addresses of abortion doctors. Don’t do it!

C. Michael Arnold,
Attorney at Law
Eugene, Oregon


Zak Johnson said...

I agree with you, Mike.

Not sure that the "party leadership" was opposed to this bill. I have heard only that it was a couple of senators who exercised their privileges to kill the bill in committee despite overwhelming bipartisan support. Please fill in details if you have them. Thanks.

Chuck Butcher said...

I will enthusiastically second the opposition to playing tit for tat with personal information. Whatever mistakes some Democrats may make, they are our natural allies and playing games like that not only offends and harms our actual supporters as well as those who are not but also places us into the realm of the worst of our opponents. There is supposed to be a difference between us and them.

C. Michael Arnold said...

I don't have any specific information other than a unanimous vote in Judiciary to kill it in Rules instead of sending it to the house floor means party leadership wanted it that way. Otherwise those against it would have been held accountable in a floor vote. And yes, Chuck, there's two reasons not to play tit for tat: (1) It's wrong; and (2) It alienates future allies.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. I see NO difference in posting an address of a legislator that thinks they have the power to circumvent your rights. This reasoning against, is just like the people that pick and choose what Bill of Right they want to support. I practice the hardest thing legislators seem to fall short of. I support the entire Bill of Rights 1-10 and the Constitution in its entirety. I will always support these rights. Just a few legislators doomed this bill. Like you say, there was an overwhelming majority that wanted this, but a few killed it. Now we have nothing. Stop standing up for people that make laws you disagree with. They don't hear you, they don't want to hear you. Chastise your government when they are wrong and praise them when they are right. These few anti-gun legistlators will never change there minds, NEVER. So if this issue is close to your heart, then you need to vote them out of office, not slap them on the hand. Legislators will only learn the power of their constituents if you make it personal, because they have already learned that the masses forgot they have all the power.


Zak Johnson said...

Posting information about public official's would put us in the same boat as nuts like Hal Turner. Don't. Gun rights advocates don't need people like him or methods like he advocates.

brian r said...

I agree that publishing these lists is a bad idea. We would be doing the same thing that we are fighting against. I will admit that there is a sort of "poetic justice" to it, but we must resist the urge to take the low road on this one!