Sunday, June 07, 2009

Cell Pal Concealed Carry Holster

Cell Pal is a very interesting & intriguing type of concealed carry system that lets you dress more normally. If anyone has used one, what's your impression?

What other systems have people used that they find work well for concealed carry, both on foot and in vehicles? Do share--thanks!


brian r said...

I have a hard time believing that this would be comfortable. I would be interested in checking one out, but it just seems like it would feel very odd. Also, I bet it would be very hard to draw from a seated position.

Right now my two methods of carry are an IWB (inside waist band), and pocket carry. For IWB carry I have a Galco Summer Comfort for an H&K USP compact .45acp. I sold the gun a while ago, but the holster works well for my Taurus Millennium Pro, and my Beretta 92fs. For pocket carry I use a DeSantis Nemesis for my Ruger LCP. I may be getting an ankle holster as well for the LCP. I need to get a good holster for my railed 1911, and my Taurus 85UL.

The Different Drummer said...

I carry a Kel-Tec PF-9 (light and slim 9mm) in a smartcarry holster. I love the holster, however it's a little slower on the draw than the Comp-Tac Two O'clock IWB holster I used to use. The Smartcarry is much more concealable and comfortable - I can carry with my shirt off, in shorts, in a t-shirt or a tucked in shirt with no difference in the danger of discovery. Hell, I've even gone jogging with it. Plus if anyone ever tries to kick or punch me in the privates, they're in for a painful surprise! Smart carry -

The comp-tac two o'clock works very well too, at least for my pistol. It's highly accessible in any position. Here's the website

I tried pocket carry for my Kel-Tec, and found the PF-9 to be way too big to look like a cell phone or pda. Looks more like a small paperback. Some people say they carry successfully in this manner, but I think they may have a larger frame than I.

The Different Drummer said...

Oops, forgot Comp-Tac's website. Here it is:

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of the cell pal for concealed carry however I recently bought a belly band holster and it is so comfortable I hardly remember that im packin. I found it at