Wednesday, May 20, 2009

U.S. House Joins Senate in National Parks Gun Ruling

Today the U.S. House joined the U.S. Senate in passing an amendment to H.R. 627 (see "Concur in Sec. 512 of Sen Amdt.") allowing firearms to be carried in National Parks by those with state-recognized concealed carry permits. Despite the predictable jeremaids by the professional anti-gun lobbyists, this bill merely extends the same rules already applied in BLM and National Forest lands to National Parks and National Wildlife refuges. This means if you have a concealed carry license in Oregon, you don't have to leave the pistol you brought on vacation locked in the trunk for a thief to steal while you go hiking at Crater Lake.

Senators Wyden (D-OR) and Merkley (D-OR) both voted in favor of this amendment in the senate; Representatives Peter Defazio (D-OR), Kurt Schrader (D-OR) and Greg Walden (R-OR) also voted in favor of this amendment in the House.

President Obama has indicated he will sign the amendment, which passed on a separate vote from the main body of H.R. 627.

Here are some links to the voting record:

Please thank our senators and representatives for looking out for our 2nd Amendment rights and personal safety.


Zak Johnson said...

Another good recap of this story is on The Hill.

Anonymous said...

Just as I suspected Earl Blumenauer and David Wu, voted against the bill. We have zero representation in the metro area. This just kills me.

Zak Johnson said...

What I also find annoying is the Oregonian's insistence on skewing letters to the editor heavily in favor of their own editorial positions. In a recent discussion of CHL privacy the online comments were more than 10 to 1 in favor of CHL privacy, but in the print edition the printed an equal number for and against. That's just not honest. Similarly today (5/21) they published only 1 letter on the National Parks Gun bill--a letter against it. Newspapers need to recognize that Web 2.0 technology (blogs, forums, etc.) has taken away their ability to spin facts to suit their own viewpoint, we figure it out.

Zak Johnson said...

The Oregonian has posted some more letters, including one of mine, under the title Letters to the editor: Allowing concealed weapons in national parks. Interesting comments follow the letters.

George Blake said...

Ref: National Park Service Gun Ban Repealed!

In the final regulation which is now in 36 CFR 2.4 (H), ONLY "consealed" firearms are now allowd.

Unlike the US Forest Servcie and BLM you still can not carry or possess an unconsealed firarm.

The new NPS regulation does not fully address the intent of congress. As such, this is no big victory.