Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ruger LCP: A Concealed Carry Gem

If any of you are thinking about purchasing a small to tiny handgun for deep concealment, pocket, carry, ankle carry, etc., you should definitely look into Ruger's LCP. The LCP is a tiny .380acp semi auto that holds 6 rounds in the magazine, plus 1 in the chamber. This gun is double action only and has a glass-filled nylon frame and steel slide and barrel. Here is a link for the exact specifications: The specs state that the trigger pull is 8lbs, but mine feels a bit lighter than that. Unfortunately I don't own a trigger pull scale so I can't back up that statement with fact.

Since this gun is so light, and slim, it is extremely comfortable for pocket carry with a quality pocket holster. I have also been told that it is great with an ankle holster as well, but I have yet to try this option. I plan on looking into an ankle holster in the near future. When in the pocket, one almost forgets that it is there.

Many people consider the .380acp to be underpowered for defense applications, but it is my opinion that with proper ammo selection, it is a viable defense round. Plus the gun is so small and light that people are more likely to have it with them than many larger guns, and a gun that you don't have with you is not at all effective for defense. I would also like to note that the LCP is rated for +p ammo.

Unfortunately, I have only been able to get to the range once with my LCP. With such a small, light gun, I expected considerable recoil. I was pleased to find that after my first shot the recoil was far less than I expected. Also, I was very pleased to find that after about 100 rounds there was not one malfunction. Accuacy was much better than expected from this tiny pistol with rudimentary sights. I was able to keep all shots on target (a sillouette style) from 50ft. They may not have all been "kill" shots, but most were.

All in all, I have been very pleasently surprised with this small wonder of a gun. I can fully reccomend one to anyone that is in the market for such a gun.


Jodi said...

When I was looking for a "mouse gun" no one had the Ruger LCP in the stores and no one had any .380 ammo. I finally ended up buying a North American Arms .380 used with ammo -- I couldn't pass up the chance to actually be able to shoot the gun I was buying. The NAA .380 is about twice as heavy as the Ruger LCP, though.

This is as close as I ever got to the Ruger LCP:
I would love to see one in person – maybe the next Gun Owners Caucus Range Day?

brian r said...

Jodi, If I'm at the shoot, the LCP will be as well. I'm not sure about ammo though :)

Jason said...

Correction: Th LCP is NOT rated for +P ammo according to the owners manual & Ruger customer service.

Jason said...

The LCP is NOT rated for +P ammo, according to both the owners manual & Ruger customer service.

brian r said...

Thanks for the correction.

Jodi said...

I was looking at buying a used LCP and while looking around, I found this:

Just thougth I would mention it in case anyone else was looking for a used LCP. It is good information to have while shopping.

brian r said...

Thank you Jodi. It is important to make sure that the gun is a post recall gun. Perhaps if you purchase a used pre-recall LCP, Ruger will make the changes for free. They were having people send in their LCP's to have them changed for free when the issues arose, so they may still honor that on a second-hand gun.