Sunday, May 03, 2009

Join the Blue Steel Democrats on Facebook

In addition to our DPO Gun Owners community website page and this blog, there is now a Gun Owners Caucus Facebook page. This Facebook group is open to anyone to join, but you will probably need to create a free Facebook account first in order to view it.

The Facebook page has been added as a way to let our members more easily voice their opinions and recruit their friends and associates to join the Gun Owners Caucus in gun rights advocacy and education. Any member of Facebook can join our Facebook group, then post comments, opinions, pictures and video of your choice (keep it tasteful, please!)

If you aren't on Facebook yet, I encourage you to join by creating a free account here: If you are on Facebook, you can find our group by searching for "Blue Steel Democrats - Gun Owners Caucus of the Democratic Party of Oregon" and then clicking "join group."

Facebook is a "social networking" tool that allows people to connect, communicate and easily trade thoughts and ideas without needing to be experts in web design. If you are concerned about privacy on such websites, be aware that you can control the information others can see and you alone choose who can and can't view your "page." Hopefully Facebook will be a useful tool for the Gun Owners Caucus to spread our message and increase membership.

The Blue Steel Democrats blogsite will still be active as well--Facebook is an addition, not a replacement. I hope to see you there.

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