Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Democratic Senators Wyden and Merkley Vote to Support Gun Owner Rights in National Parks

Oregon's Democratic U.S. senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley supported gun owners rights today by voting to allow law-abiding citizens to carry firearms in National Parks.

Wyden and Merkley joined with 27 Democrats and 39 Republicans to pass an amendment to give gun owners the same rights and protections to carry in National Parks that have existed in BLM and Forest Service lands for decades without any problems.

Crime against park rangers and visitors has seen an increase in recent years and this prudent, bipartisan legislation should ensure that criminals won't find National Parks easy hunting grounds for defenseless victims. (See previous post for more information: "Guns in National Parks: Yes, No, or Sometime?")

Please be sure to thank our senators for their vote today.


Zak Johnson said...

I have sent the following message of support to both our senators via their online offices:

"Thank you very much for showing your trust and support of law-abiding gun owners by voting in favor of Sen. Coburn's recent amendment to apply state laws governing concealed and open carry to the National Parks and NWR. These same rules have been in effect for years in BLM and forest service lands with no negative result. Crime is a real concern in our National Parks and refuges, especially along the US/Mexican border and I appreciate your vote to allow individuals and families to protect themselves while vacationing on our public lands."

Please contact the senators on your own to voice support for their support of 2nd Amendment rights.

brian r said...

Merkley and Wyden have really been stepping up lately. Thanks for posting this. It seems that we have elected some great Dems!

Zak Johnson said...

One caucus member has sent me this article entitled "Crime rates tick up across national parks." Those who say parks are bastions of safety are ignoring the facts.

Anonymous said...

this is not about the gun owner bill. It is about the health bills. I'm a constuent in Albany, Oregon. {I have been receiving e-mails from the demoncratic party regularly and have given money after Pres. Obama was elected.} This is to tell the two senators that I support the patient protection and affordable care act and want the senators to do the same. Thank you very much