Monday, April 13, 2009

Fusion Firearms: A Fantastic 1911 at a Decent Price!

The 1911 is a wildly popular pistol platform for many good reasons. It is one of the most ergonomically friendly platforms and points very naturally. When one is considering the purchase of a 1911, there are dozens of choices. These choices range from about $450 all the way up to around $5000. Somewhere in between those extremes lies Fusion Firearms.

Fusion Firearms is a relatively new company that is run by Bob Serva. Bob is the former President of Dan Wesson and has been building 1911's in one form or another for a long time. On top of top- notch quality guns, Bob provides some of the best customer service in the business!

Each Fusion 1911 is built by hand with all parts hand fit. The slide to frame fit is remarkable, as is the barrel fit. Upon visiting Fusion's website (, you will find that there are previously built models for sale with a wide variety of slides, frames, sights, calibers, etc. Or you can do what I did and email Bob with the specs that you want for a custom build. This was an awesome experience as I picked out the exact frame, slide, trigger, trigger pull weight, serrations, hammer, safeties, sights, etc. that I wanted. Fusion has all the parts for you to choose from, or you can opt to have other manufactures parts used. It is really all up to you

I had never had a gun custom made to my specs before, and I must say, that every gun lover should have at least one custom pistol. After doing much research to find the parts that I wanted I emailed Bob Serva for a quote on my custom build. The quote was much less than other custom builders had quoted me for similar builds. The price that I was quoted as well as the many excellent reviews of Fusion's products made my decision to go with Fusion a "no brainer."
Now, I want to clarify something here while I'm talking about price. These guns are not at all cheap (mine ended up being around $1600), but they are usually far less expensive than similar builds from other custom, or semi custom makers. Everyone else that I contacted about similar builds quoted me well over $2000.

After you get your order completed comes the hard part; the wait. My wait ended up being about 5 months. Bob is very busy, but still 5 months isn't a terribly long wait for a custom 1911. If you find a gun that you like that is already built, there is no wait at all.

When I finally took delivery of my gun, I was thrilled to see how nice it looked, and how solid it felt. Everything was fit very well and there was no rattles or play at all between slide and frame. After field stripping it, I found a couple negative aspects although they were purely cosmetic and do not hamper the function of the gun. There are some kind of rough tooling marks on the inside of the slide and frame. As I stated earlier, these marks in no way negatively affected the function of the pistol and they are not visible when the gun is put together. I did find them to be a little disappointing in a gun at this price though. Besides that one small gripe, all else was spectacular. The trigger is amazing with a crisp pull right between 3.5-3.75 lbs (right where I asked it to be), and the sights that I picked (Novak tritium front with a 10-8 rear) provided an excellent sight picture that is very easy to pick up quickly. The Ion-bond dlc finish on the slide looked great and was applied evenly.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to put many rounds down range through this gun. I am having a very hard time finding ammo (especially .45acp) recently. I did however get to put 75 rounds through it at the range. I was able to scrounge up 50 rounds of WWB fmj and 25 rounds of assorted 230 grn Hrnady TAP jhp and Corbon +p 165 grn jhp.

The shooting session was short but uneventful as there were no functional problems with the gun or any of the ammo. At first my accuracy was not as good as I had hoped, but towards the end it started getting much better as I was getting used to the new gun. Also, I was not really testing for accuracy, but more for reliability at this point. I would like to add that I am in no way a great shot, but have read many reviews that Fusion 1911's are often capable of 5 shot groups at 25 yards of under 1 inch with good ammo.

Overall, so far I am extremely pleased with my new 1911. If you are in the market for an upscale 1911, I would definitely recommend that you look into Fusion Firearms. Here are some pics for your enjoyment:


brian r said...

Sorry the links to the pics didn't work.

Zak, can you tell me how to post pics?

Zak Johnson said...

I've fixed the pics. Nice looking weapon. What's the story on the two grip types?

brian r said...


I ordered it with the VZ g10 (black and sand) grips, but I got Bob Serva to through in the cocobola's because they look nice as well. That way I have some options.

brian r said...

If you click on the pics, you can see the full pictures. I hope you all enjoy.

brian r said...

If you click on the pics, you can see the full pictures. I hope you all enjoy.

Eric said...

I bought my Fusion .45 about two months ago... have shot at least 1,500 rounds through it... it is without a doubt one of the finest handguns made at any price. I would strongly recommend to anyone considering buying a handgun. Bob has a number on the web site that are available immediately. American craftsmanship at its best...!!!

Attached find a picture of mine.

brian r said...


I couldn't agree more. Also, the best customer service in the business bar none! Drink the Fusion Koolaide!!!!!!!