Friday, March 27, 2009

How Come?

You may wonder why you as a supporter of your 2nd Amendment rights you feel as though you are a minority group in the Democratic Party. The actual facts are that you are not. Huh? Nope, you're not. You don't have a strong support system and it isn't particularly vocal in wide terms, but the actual numbers are on your side. What the anti-guns side has is being well financed and through that all the access to media and political figures whether earned or purchased that comes with it. Unfortunately what pieces of our side have that same advantage are also proving themselves to be enemies of Democratic ideologies well beyond the 2nd.

I have dropped my NRA membership and will not be going back until they figure out the 2nd Amendment is not about the right wing whackoes of the Republican Party. Appearing on Glenn Beck was the absolute end of any argument with myself on that stance, that is ludicrous and so counter to my political ends that I won't play. If you still pay dues this is something I encourage you to think about. But what replaces it?

The GOC/DPO is not powerful, we are just respected enough to be heard - some. That voice could be a lot louder and a lot more persuasive if a couple things were true, a large membership and real financial pockets. Now something to remember is that GOC has little control over money, money to us goes to DPO, but that money is accounted for and it shows plainly in the DPO books. Our access to money increases if we are bringing in significant amounts and we are allowed to pay for our events through what the event brings in. Demonstrable numbers and significant income will drive how loud and how well regarded our voices are.

Yes, this is a recruitment post and a political begging post. You have friends, get them signed up. When we manage to put on events, make the time to come out or donate to the cause. We are thrifty with money, have to be because we don't have any and then reporting requirements keep us very much on the straight and narrow. No one in GOC can profit from our activities and even getting reimbursed is tough. This link will put you or a friend in contact with GOC.

Chuck Butcher

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tonyspdx said...

Then who do we vote for if the Dems can’t muster enough support in their own party to protect basic rights. Sure the NRA supports mainly Republicans, that’s because Republicans support the NRA. It’s a two-way street. Dems need to support the NRA (the NRA is the only true advocate for gun owners, because they don't put limitations of any kind) and the NRA will support them. And I don’t want to hear about the other quazi pro-gun group. They don't have the track records of effectiveness or the back bone that the NRA has.