Monday, February 09, 2009

Three positive gun rights bill in the Oregon legislature

The Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF) has posted a list of 3 positive gun rights bill currently pending in the Oregon legislature. These are on the table largely due to the influence of House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jeff Barker (D-Aloha, District 28), a dependable long-time advocate for gun owners in the state of Oregon.

The bills are HR 2463, HR 2330, and HR 2314. Check them out here on OFF's website, and thank Rep. Barker when you see him.

OFF is asking for support of these bills by contacting your legislature--details for this campaign are also on the OFF website.


Anonymous said...

I have questions about 2463: Oregon is an "open carry" state - in what way would this effect open carry laws being restricted from one town to another?

Zak Johnson said...

I'll ask about that. There are already a number of restrictions on open carry, both throughout the state and in local ordinances. Best bet is to get a CHL to avoid confusion.

brian r said...

Everyone please contact your representatives as well as the Judiciary Committee asking them to support these bills. Following the links in the post can get you to the email addresses that you will need. Thanks for considering this.

Jodi said...

Did everyone see that there is a public hearing regarding HB 2314, 2330 & 2463 on Tuesday Feb 24 at 1:00pm in room 357? You can confirm by looking at the House Judiciary Committee agenda for tomorrow:

I, also, contacted Sara Gelser-D of Corvallis and got a positive response regarding HB 2463 & HB 2727. I didn’t get into the others, because I haven’t had time to look into them.

Zak Johnson said...

Great news, Jodi. Thanks!