Sunday, January 18, 2009

Priorities: Why Democrats Should Fight the Gun Grabbers

This piece is written in hopes of reaching out to the anti-gun wing of the Democratic party. It's pointless to pretend you aren't hoping for your turn at bat; so please listen.

We all agree there is a lot of work to do in this country right now to fix the problems of the past 8 years and more. What does this have to do gun rights? Very simple. In one of the very first posts on this blog, we documented a very simple cause and effect:

When Democrats work for gun control, they lose national elections. Period.

So, as George W. Bush prepares to leave office it's worth remembering the Bush presidency would not have happened if Al Gore had supported gun rights. That is the analysis of Al Gore's 2000 campaign spokesman Doug Hattaway--that Gore lost the election because of his stance on guns. If even a small portion of the "single issue" pro-2nd Amendment voters (roughly 20% of the electorate) had voted for Gore in 2000, he would be been elected president in 2000, regardless of events in Florida and the behavior of the U.S. Supreme Court. Think about that when you think about the 2010 mid-term elections . . .

With Hattaway's comments in mind, I invite you to watch Keith
Olbermann's depressing summary (below) of last 8 years and to keep the following in mind:

* The Bush years wouldn't have happened if Gore had won just one other state a with pro-gun electorate. (Gore lost his home state, Tennessee, you will recall.)

* If the Obama administration or the Democratic majorities in Congress try to bring back the assault weapons ban, Bush and his ilk will be back in four years, if not 2010.

To "bringing back the ban" we should add any draconian back-door methods to neuter the Heller case and the 2nd Amendment in general such as ammunition taxes or bans as well as any attempt to bring about a de facto end gun sales by allowing law suits against manufacturers. Don't get cute with trying to get around the Constitution; we've seen the last 8 years where that leads. Please folks--don't give the Republicans an opening. Regardless of your own views on guns, Democrats must join together to oppose and educate gun control advocates within our party in order to save our strength for the difficult work ahead.

If you don't agree with 2nd Amendment supporters on the positive purpose of guns in society, then I have one word of advice I hope you will heed: "Priorities."

Here's Olbermann's review for those who can stand another retelling:

Molon labe.


Bullet Boy said...

Agreed! Another point is the economy. Americans buy guns. Gun Makers make guns. Guns are great for the economy. Simple right?

brian r said...

Bullet Boy,

At this point guns may be the only thing in the economy that are doing okay!