Monday, November 24, 2008

Nevada Democrats form Gun Rights Caucus

2nd Amendment activism within the Democratic party is growing. In addition to Democrats in Texas and Oregon, Nevada Democrats have also organized a pro-gun rights caucus, the Nevada Outdoor Democrats Caucus. They have quite a website over at

In addition to working for gun owners' rights, the Nevada Outdoor Democrats Caucus has a decidedly progressive outlook that includes conservation of and access to wilderness areas a central part of their mission:

"We are Nevada Democrats that support and speak out for citizen's rights in hunting, shooting, fishing, wildlife conservation, OHV, 4x4, ATV, motorcycles, hiking, camping, and all things to use, but never abuse, our great Nevada Outdoors.

The NODC was an affiliate of the Nevada State Democratic Party when it organized. The Party has reorganized clubs and caucuses so the NODC will be affiliating with Nevada Democrats at the County Party level in 2008. See your County Chair if you want to assist in affiliation or if you want to organize your own Chapter. We will assist you in both efforts. This is a great opportunity to get Outdoor Democrats more active at a local level."
Good stuff. Check them out and contact them via their website pages.

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lazzardus said...

my name is jared shannon. I am a libral democrat and proud of it. im also sick to death of people assuming that that makes me an anti gun, anti civil right's fanatic. as a democrat I felt I was forced to vote bush twice. despite my own views because it was the lesser of two evil's. this time I felt proud to vote obama and im happy with the agenda so far. I am also an enthusiastic gun owner. my family's favorite past time's are all out doors. we own 4 firearms, a remington 243 (my deer rifle), a phenex arms .22 pistol (my wifes home defence wepon), a bersa .40 (my preferred defense wepon), and an antique .22 bolt action rifle (my father learned with it I learned with it my kids will learn with it and I hope some of there kids will too). we are responsible. they are all locked up yet accessible (at least the two defense wepons). recently a family I know was assaulted in there home. not a bad neighborhood. not bad people. the man had a degree in cullinary art's and was thr head chef at a popular restaurant. his wife also has a good job. four men broke into there home beat and raped her. beat and shot him four times. robed them. all this in front of there 5 year old with there infant at gun point. they had no gun in the house. this has galvanized my intrust in preserving my right to bear arms. in my home an assailant would encounter two good dogs (rotwhilers) giving my wife or I time to get a pistol out of the safe. I live in kansas and im interested in organizing some group of fellow democrat's who also feel that we are unduly stereotyped as gun control lackie's. any advise from your members wouls be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at thank you and keep up the good work.