Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama's Stressing 2nd Amendment

Gun rights are a big deal in the current election. Obama has been increasingly clear, though admittedly late in the game, that he favors both the Heller decision and the broader right to keep and bear arms. Here is a taste of the pro-RKBA material from his campaign and associated organizations doing "issue ads" promoting him:

This Obama ad about hunting rights is running is on radio in Montana right now.

And this video is words from the senator's mouth, instead of others putting words into them:

Senator Obama on gun rights:

These are good signs.

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Rockhound said...

He has gone on record for bringing back the Clinton 1994 gun ban and magazine ban.

He also has gone on record for banning all military style fireamrs used by millions of American citizens for hunting, comp. shooting, plinking defense etc.

This does not sound like a progun individual. His voting record is 100% anti-gun.