Saturday, April 05, 2008

Obama, Clinton Positions on Firearms - In their own words

I've been cruising YouTube and found a couple interesting videos showing the two remaining Democratic presidential candidate's positions on gun control.

First, here's Obama, in his own words:

And here's Clinton, Obama, and Edwards (what the heck) answering a gun rights question at a pre-Nevada joint interview:

These videos are both worth watching in full.

Unfortunately, I didn't hear much about holding criminals responsible for breaking gun laws, unless the oft-mentioned "rogue gun dealers" are included. A recent post on this blog (see "Lock em up!") quoted a Portland shooting suspect as saying guns on the street are coming from break-ins, not "rogue dealers" or the so-called "gun show loophole." I think that's probably the case. If you see one of the candidates, try to mention that. My feeling is simply that neither of our candidates knows much about guns (none seem to know the difference between semi- and full-auto fire), and the best thing that can happen for the party is a strong decision from the Supreme Court in D.C. vs. Heller--a ruling strong enough to make political attacks on gun rights a hopeless waste of political capital by anyone.

Keeping my fingers crossed at this point, but if you do get a candidate's ear, please try to educate. Health care reform, a balanced budget, a way out of Iraq and restoration of our national standing and reputation, equal rights, economic justice, and all the rest of the main Democratic agenda are too important to lose over a lack of understanding or appreciation of basic constitutional rights.

Molon labe.


RightDemocrat said...

I am not a single issue issue but do think that the positions of both Democratic candidates on guns will going to hurt the ticket in November. Hillary Clinton has little appeal to gun owners and Obama's stance on conceal carry is going to be especially harmful to winning any red or swing states. My intention is to vote for the Democratic nominee but not with any great enthusiasm.

Zak J. said...

I afraid I agree with you, RD. I'm supporting the party, not the individuals in this case. It's the larger picture that counts.

That said, I'm going to dedicating my phone-banking and door knocking this fall to local, pro-gun rights Democrats in my area.

MIUMIU said...

See the link, thank you.
Come thank the secret image has been added to link the site please.

brian r said...

i agree with you guys. I feel like Obama is a great candidate in ALMOST every way. I find his voting record on firearms related issues to be very concerning though. I do however, feel like Obama would be more likely to listen to what pro gun rights voters have to say (and act accordingly) than Clinton would. I have to say that I am indeed going to vote for Obama, but I will definately have my fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

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