Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gun Owners Caucus Meeting in The Dalles Oregon

Greetings Gun Owners!

The Gun Owners Caucus of the Democratic Party of Oregon will be holding our quarterly meeting February 9th in The Dalles, Oregon in conjunction with the ongoing DPO State Central Committee that same weekend.

To accommodate conflicts with other caucus meetings, we'll hold our caucus meeting near the others at The Dalles Middle School at 2:30 where the State Central Committee meeting is to be held. Andrea Cooper has got us a room and folks can feel free to bop back and forth to other caucuses in which our members are heavily involved (Rural, GLBT, Faith, and Motorcyclists to name a few.)

For those who are interested, there are shooting ranges in The Dalles so there will probably be opportunities for an informal shoot sometime over the weekend. It's a pretty short agenda for the meeting:

1) Statement of purpose
2) Volunteers for the state DPO Platfrom convention April 11-13. We hope to have a booth--let me know if you can staff it for an hour or two over that weekend. This is a prime advertising and statement recruiting event.
3) Pro-2nd Amendment statement by Oregon Senatorial candidate (by proxy, not in person, alas, but still very good news)
4) Gun Owners Caucus phone banking in the general election (post-primary)
5) Open forum

Please send me other topics of discussion, and remember to represent.

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