Friday, January 18, 2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008

NRA update on "District of Columbia v. Heller"

Here's a quick link to the 11 Jan 08 update the NRA has posted on the case of District of Columbia v. Heller.

In case you've been living in a cave, this case is going forward to the Supreme Court due to D.C.'s appeal of the overturn of it's total ban on handguns and of "assembled" rifles and shotguns in the home. This case has the potential to secure the "individual" right of firearms ownership (vs. corporate or militia-based ownership rights) as clearly outlined in the Bill of Rights.

Here's an excerpt:

The District claimed that "keep" means either for an individual to possess guns only for militia purposes, or for a state to "keep up" a militia, a theory the Court of Appeals said "mocks usage, syntax, and common sense." The Court of Appeals added, "Such outlandish views are likely advanced because the plain meaning of 'keep' strikes a mortal blow to the collective right theory."

And of course there's always the "guns in private hands causes violence" b.s.:

As if looking for even more ways to undercut its case, the District also claimed that in the mid-1970s it "sensibly concluded" that gun bans would make the city safer. Of course, as is well known, the city's murder rate tripled within 15 years after D.C. imposed the ban.

Give it a read, and hope the Supreme Court can read as well as the Court of Appeals.

Super Tuesday Events with the DPO--PDX, Eugene

Who will millions of Democrats vote for on Super Tuesday?

Find out at the DPO’s Super Tuesday Party on February 5th at the Tiffany Center in Portland.

Come support your candidate and enjoy complimentary beer, wine and appetizers, and plenty of political talk.

There will be plenty to chew on as more than 20 states will be holding primaries on February 5th including California, New York, Alaska, Colorado and Illinois.

In addition to the complimentary drinks, food and huge TV screens we’ll have candidates, elected officials, live music and fabulous raffle items.

Raffle Items

Some of our raffle items will include a book of restaurant gift certificates from Portland’s best restaurants, dinner and a wine tour for 10, a weekend cabin on the Metolius, an antique kimono jacket, a salmon, steelhead, or sturgeon fishing trip on the Oregon Coast with accommodations, a weekend at Mike Lindberg’s beautiful Seaside beach home and much more.

Raffle items will be posted at starting January 15th.

Tickets Still Available

Don't miss this opportunity to root for your candidate, support your party and have a great time.

Tickets cost $50 (Grassroots Democrats price is $40) and are available at or by calling (503) 239-8629.

Super Tuesday Party

> Tiffany Center
> 1410 SW Morrison St.
> Portland
> 6 -10 p.m.
> Tickets $50


Trent Lutz
Executive Director
Democratic Party of Oregon
P.S. Live music. Complimentary drinks, food and amazing raffle prizes. It’s too good to turn down! So join us on Tuesday, February 5th at the Tiffany Center.


If you have members in the Eugene/Springfield area, the Lane County Dems
are having a Super Tuesday party at OEA Building, 2815 Coburg Rd., Eugene,
Oregon from 6pm-9pm. It's also part of our United Way's Project Homeless
participation. People are asked to bring donations of toiletries and

If you're in the area, pleease join us!

Carol Horne Dennis
DPLC LGBTQ Caucus Chair

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Who's your candidate?

Ok, it's getting a little late for this as the choices get whittled down, but because this short survey contains 2 important questions about Gun Rights, I am listing it here for your enjoyment. Follow the link to find out which candidate most closely matches your stand on the issues:


According to the survey, I should apparently be a Gravel fan, followed closely by Richardson.

If you take the survey, be sure to list your preferences here. Note that the rankings will changed based on whether you mark a topic as being of 'high/medium/low" importance.

Be sure to vote in the real thing to.