Friday, August 03, 2007

Cowpoke - Cowboy Action Dress

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I know I said I wasn't interested in playing dress up, well, it is a part of the game and so I went far enough with it to satisfy most requirements. Though it insulted me no end, I bought a pair of cowboy boots, my logging boots are disqualified by having traction soles. I have never liked cowboy boots, my feet are wide and my toes completely unacquainted with pointy toed shoes. I've been putting a bunch of boot oil on them and achieved minor relief. The drawers are Carharts I wear for work, the shirt and tie are new western stuff, the vest is Salvation Army suede and the hat is "cheap" Stetson felt. Overall about $140 invested in dress-up cowboy gear.

I can't keep a straight face in that get up. No, I'm not in the least interested in buying a horse or a steer.
Look out Republicans, there's a new sheriff in town.


Zak J. said...

You know, for maximum authenticity the cowboy shooting competitions really ought to add a gatling gun to the mix--something mounted on a buckboard. : )

Would engineers boots be acceptably vintage? They're a little easier on the toes when you're walking instead of riding. Hard to run in, though.

Chuck Butcher said...

There are actually a number of acceptable shoes, the problem is "real" boots I have at great expense, so buying more of nearly the same is out of the question. I didn't give much for the cowboy boots, the hat stung the wallet.