Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cowboy Action Custom Gun Leather

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This belt is custom cut for my waist and hips and the holsters are custom fit to the 3 1/2 inch .45 Colt SAA Ubertis. The load tail is for .45 Colt shells for either extended shooting, beyond the 6 loops each side, or for the 1873 Winchester by Chaparrel. The holsters are canted at 30 degrees for a draw that brings the revolvers to point rather than vertical draw. Trailsman Leather Co. of Baker City, OR -, Vern Trowbridge, for information.

I chose the dark brown stain in a mottle finish and plain buckle & conchos as my taste runs to less ornamentation, the rigs are available in various colors and degrees of ornamentation, tooling, and fittings (shell loops, etc.) Vern will travel distances for fitting and option choices. This is high end leather work, intended for competitive shooting and authentic re-enactments. I have inspected one of his top end tooling and decorative option rigs, a thing of beauty and function, carrying a price tag commensurate to that.
Because I am neither a representative nor principal I will not give pricing, but be ready to spend several hundred dollars for a simple set-up. You will be rewarded, there is absolutely no break-in or personal forming required, the rig will be absolutely comfortable, gun safe, and ready to use the minute you pick it up.
Yes, Vern is a member of my sportsman club, the local director of Cowboy Action Shooting, and a friend, but this product would be worth this endorsement if he were a stranger.

Virtue Flats Vigilantes

The Virtue Flats Vigilantes are the Cowboy Action Shooting club at Powder River Sportsman's Club Virtue Flats range. Tonight we had a night shoot, the first one. It was also my first shoot in this sport. It is fairly involved shooting and because a certain amount of moving around is involved the safety rules are extensive and rigorously enforced.

Because I don't want to get into the dress up part of the sport, wearing period clothing, and because I shoot single handed I am shooting in the Duelist or Gunfighter category. Now for those who'd enjoy period clothing Classic Cowboy requires it but neither my budget nor my comfort requirements put me in mind of doing that. My weaponry allows me to shoot in any of the classes and was acquired with that in mind. Some clothing is required or prohibited .

(2) 3 1/2 in. SAA Colt by Uberti w/Birdshead Grip .45 Colt

1873 Winchester octagonal barrel lever action by Chaparral .45 Colt

2 3/4 in. 12 Ga side by side double barrel hammered stagecoach Remington shotgun

double holster with 2 sets of 6 cartridge loops and 20 round load tail

all ammunition is low power loads to reduce target damage and chances being struck by bullet splash.

Target sets are varied as is the order of fire and order of weapons. Since I forgot my camera I'll have to give a written description of one of the sets. There were two firing stations 30 feet apart. The shooter approached the far (right) station and lays down unloaded shotgun and holds loaded rifle at port arms, at the timer's signal, cocks and fires at 5 silhouettes at 30 yards one shot left to right and again left to right (10 rounds), lays down rifle action open, picks up shot gun and moves to left station, lays down shotgun. Draw revolver, fire 5 shots at 5 silhouettes at 15 yds, holster, load shotgun, knock down 2 silhouettes (10 yds), carry shotgun to right station, lay down shotgun and draw revolver. Shoot 5 rounds at 3 silhouettes (15yds) any order hitting both at least once, holster, load shotgun and knock down 2 silhouettes (10 yds), time ends with unloaded shotgun. Scoring is by time with 5 seconds added for each miss and a "P" for any procedural errors. I managed to finish last, I wasn't doing too badly until the last stage where I lost the front sight of the revolver when my wind dried contacts blurred out completely and I missed 5 of 10 shots. I didn't mind whatever place I finished in, I was there to have fun and learn how to actually do this.

This isn't a rich man's sport but it also isn't cheap, purchased new the firearms will run around $2000 and factory loaded ammunition for .45 Colt cowboy action is about $25 for 50 rounds and this shoot involved over 120 rounds plus a box of shotgun shells. Dress will cost as will some accessories like a cart for holding long guns and ammo. Reloading is the most reasonable approach to ammo costs which will drop the 50rd cost to around $5 and used firearms are available. Now while I find this to be a lot of fun, I'd suggest anybody with interest attend a shoot and if possible borrow some equipment.

SASS is the organizational body for this shooting sport. Much more information than I've been able to provide is located there. This sport is strong on procedure and a large part of the competition involves an ability to stay focused while moving about and changing shooting order and firearms.

Monday, July 16, 2007

"Gun Owners Caucus Quarterly Meeting" or "Let's go shooting!"

Hello Gun Owners Caucus!

We have a treat in store for the SCC meeting next weekend: combining our meeting with a trip to the gun range!

The operators of the non-profit Josephine County
Sportsman Association
(JCSA) have agreed to let the GOC-DPO meet at 8 AM Saturday morning for a group shoot at their range.

Here is the link to the JCSA range website and DIRECTIONS.

HOSTS KNOW HOW MANY TO EXPECT. (Just send me a quick email if you're coming--the email address is in my profile to the right.)

This is an excellent opportunity to get our word out, and to network with other pro-2nd Amendment Democrats (and others) from around the state--especially in the SW.
Please work on getting turn-out and let me know by Thursday evening if you're coming (last minute attendees will also be welcome, of course.)

(Please note, the JCSA is a non-profit that in no way endorses the GOC-DPO, they are simply allowing access to the public range.)

The range opens at 8 AM, and we'll start our morning by shooting till 9:15 AM, then breaking for a quick 15 minute meeting to handle our agenda. To date, our meetings have been very quick and efficient, so we should have no problem concluding all business by 9:30. This will allow those who need to leave for committee meetings time to get there. Then the rest can get back to shooting.

Shooting fees a $7 per person, but we can buy 10-hole punches for $35 if we have enough interest. I haven't been before, but this range looks great.

Please forward this message to any and all Democratic 2nd Amendment supporters you know who might have the opportunity to attend.

Finally, please let me know if you have other agenda items to cover in the meeting. Here's the list so far:

Other Agenda Items:

* Election of New Treasurer
* Election of New Secretary
* Other business

See you there!
-Zak Johnson, Chair
Gun Owners Caucus of the Democratic Party of Oregon

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