Monday, June 25, 2007

Democratic controlled Oregon Senate bans "emergency" gun seizures

I've been alerted to the following good news by the Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF): the Democratic-controlled Oregon State Senate has passed HB 2370, which:

Creates Office of Emergency Management in Oregon Military Department. Abolishes Office of Emergency Management in Department of State Police and transfers functions to office in Oregon Military Department.
Prohibits unit of government from seizing firearms from individuals in lawful possession of firearms during declared emergency.

As you may recall, illegal gun seizures from law-abiding citizens' homes in the aftermath of Katrina caused quite a national uproar. This was done by the same police force that had so many officers walk off the job that they had no control over the city for days or even weeks after the hurricane. It's good to see the Oregon legislature taking pre-emptive steps to ensure that people's ability to protect themselves will not be arbitrarily trampled by local governments in the event of a wide scale catastrophe. Hopefully the House will concur today and Governor Kulongoski will be able to sign it this session

Please call your reps!

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Zak J. said...

p.s. The bill has also passed the House.