Friday, April 20, 2007

Electronic Weapons: After the firearms are gone.

(The following was authored by GUn Owners Caucus member, John Sweeney of Portland.)

Many electronic weapons are in test or reduced power forms. The electronic weapons are coming, eventually. A ban on firearms will mean sooner not later!

There are three main types of electronic weapons:

Laser Weapons. These are now coming into use with police agencies as riot control weapons. Even in this form, misuses can results in short or long term eye injuries. From the loss of night vision (no night flying, no night driving, no night bike riding) to total blindness. Advanced weapons will have the power to kill and injure at a long range. There are line of sight weapons with almost no limits. Beam velocity, 186,000 miles per second.

Microwave Weapons. These are now coming into use with police agencies in riots as control weapons (see above). Advanced weapons will be able to cook a live elephant (all 13,000 lbs) at a mile. Beam velocity, 186,000 miles per second.

EM Guns. Electromagnetic Guns, also known as Rail Guns. These are projectile weapons, with muzzle velocity of 26,000 feet per second (17,760 miles per hour). They could possibly shoot 17,000 shots per second. They could be used to shoot down buildings. Experimental versions are big now, but persoanl sizes are due soon.

Question for Blue Steel: What will "the right to keep and bear arms" mean when these and other technologies make gunpowder-based projectile weapons obsolete?



Orygunner said...

These weapons strike me as the wet dreams of engineers who watch too much scifi. "Ray gun" technologies, much like fusion, have been "under development" for decades. Very little in the way of working prototypes yet.

But let's say a practical microwave gun was released tomorrow. What are the chances it will be a handheld weapon, i.e., an "arm" as usually defined by 2A advocates? Microwaves require a huge amount of energy. What is the power supply going to be (a portable fusion pack)? The one prototype I'm aware of weighs in excess of 200 pounds. Unless they cut the weight by an order of magnitude (extremely unlikely), the microwave gun will have to be a crew-served weapon. As such, it's not covered by the 2A (IMHO).

As for the other weapons, I'll believe them when I see them. I certainly don't buy the "shoot down a building by firing 17,000 rounds per second" silliness. Sounds like what gungrabbers say about the .50 BMG. Just how big do those "clips" have to be to hold 17,000 rounds of ammo? And how much power is required to run these guns? Again, sounds like we're entering crew-served weapon territory.

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