Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chaparral "Winchester Model 1873 in .45 Colt-Cowboy Action

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This is a 22 inch octagonal barrel rifle in .45 Colt, Charter Arms and Chaparral Arms joined together in this production. It is an historically accurate reproduction of the Model 1873 Winchester lever action saddle gun with case hardened receiver and butt plate, brass case lifter and brass front blade sight. The rifle being an accurate reproduction does not utilize modern "safes." The hammer down rests on the firing pin and half-cock can be overridden with a blow, therefor it should not be carried with an unspent round in the chamber.

The rifle was designed for the black powder .45 Colt cartridge and is unsuited to higher power smokeless cartridges.The lever incorporates a trigger locking pin which disables the trigger unless the lever is closed to the stock, requiring pressure. When the hammer is in half cock the trigger is also disabled. These safeties are of modest utility in preventing accidental discharge.

The receiver has a dust cover which can be manually closed to keep dust and debris from the receiver, it is opened by either drawing it back with fingers or opening the lever. At the rear of the lever is a toggle for locking the lever against the stock.

It is available in the following calibers: WCF 38-40, WCF 44-40, .45 Colt, .357, and .44 Special. Because this is a tubular magazine rifle only flat nose or soft lead round nose ammunition should be used.The rifle is considered unserviceable by the consumer and there is no exploded drawing with the manual. It is warranted for one year. The rifle is quite pretty, fit and finish is outstanding and it fairly comfortable to shoulder. You can expect to pay close to $900 for this gun. The 1873 Winchester is a popular Cowboy Action Shooting rifle, which is my intended use for it.


Chuck Butcher said...

Zak asked me if I wouldn't like to primary post my little gun reviews here rather than on "Chuck for ..." and I replied that I'd be glad to cross post them but I wanted to keep the other as primary. The reason is that they drive a lot of traffic to my little "lefty" blog and I get some bleed over into posts and have gained some regular readers from that bleed over.

I'd really like to strongly make the point that yes, gun totin' drag racin' Lefties exist and have something to say. Like, "c'mon over"

If you all like the reviews I'll continue to move some over here.

Anonymous said...

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