Monday, January 15, 2007

Money Talks: Grassroots Democrats

As the Democratic Party of Oregon puts it on their website: "It takes money to get progressive candidates elected to office."

In an effort to empower itself and "We the People," the DPO has instituted a fundraising program known as "Grassroots Democrats." This is an effort to raise $10 - $25 dollars a month from each member of the Democratic Party of Oregon. The program is "the 'bricks and mortar' fund that helps pay the rent, the phones, the power and basic operating expenses. Gifts of $10 to $25 each month produce total yearly gifts of $120 to $300 and keep us running year round."

Gun owners, as a growing special interest group in the party, should do what we can to empower the party by becoming as Grassroots Democrats. When we do, we should also let the party know who we are and that it is partly our concern for preserving the 2nd Amendment that has led us to get involved. When you join or donate money to the DPO, make sure you let them know you are a gun owner or active member of the GOC. You can do this by marking "Gun Owners Caucus" right on any donation envelope you fill out for the DPO or by putting the same in the "comment" field if you donate online. A follow-up email to the DPO to make sure they know where the money came from is also a good idea--let them know where the money is coming from. (The DPO has let me know they will be keeping track of donations made on behalf of special communities such as ours if we are sure to let them know.)

Money is part of politics and there's just no getting around this. But the Grassroots Democrats is a way that lets the party members (read: people with regular income levels) contribute, show their support, and make their voices heard. Best of all, it's tax deductible.

Become a Grassroots Democrat today. And tell them the GOC sent you.


Dan Gambiera said...

I've just signed up as a stridently pro-gun progressive. Hope they're keeping track.

Kevin Starrett said...

Every vote to kill this blog came from Democrats.

If this blog receives more than 500 viewers, it would have been shut down by Senate Bill S1, except for the Bennett Amendment which passed yesterday over the objections of over 40 Democrats.

Every vote to defeat the Bennett Amendment,came from Democrats who seem determined to silence any grass roots activity.

Ron Wyden voted to silence this blog.

I applaud what you are doing and wish you the best, but with votes like this I think you have a hell of an uphill climb

Chuck Butcher said...

One very nice aspect of being a Grassroots Democrat is the discount for Party activities, I had lunch with the Gov (+120 others) for 1/2 of the $50/plate.