Thursday, January 04, 2007

GOC Quarterly Meeting: March 10, Salem

For the time being, Gun Owners Caucus (GOC) meetings are being scheduled to coincide with DPO State Central Committee (SCC) meetings.

The next SCC meeting, and therefore the next GOC meeting, has been scheduled for:
March 10, 2007 in Salem, Oregon.

Check this space for details about time & place as the date approaches.

Also, please submit your agenda items either to me or as a post/comment on this site so that we can be sure to cover your topics in the meeting. Thanks.


Timothy Dunn said...

First I want to say that I am surprised with the creation of Blue Steel. I did talk with one of your officers this week and my first question to him was, "are you guys for real?". I hope you are real and I hope you are not just another compromise outfit like Oregon Gun Owners. What I dicovered in my conversation with your officer was that he didn't even know that the legislative session started this week. Now I have to ask just how the hec does your group expect to protect your rights? Ginny Budick (D) along with CFO has already had the legislative coucil write up 6 freakin anti-gun proposals for this session. Most of these are the same stupid proposals that we have been fighting for years. Unless your group becomes more pro-active in opposing these legislative actions you are not going to be able to claim that you support the 2nd Amendment or the right of the individual to self defense. You haven't even denouced members of your own party like Ginny Burdick! If you can't act on the actions of one of your own party members then you are not going to benefit from the protection of the rights of the law abiding firearms owner. I would suggest you read an article about Senator Burdick:

Thank you;
Timothy Dunn
Director OCFR - Oregon Council on Firearm Rights

Zak J. said...

Hi Tim,
Thanks for the note. One of the GOC's prime objectives is to demonstrate that the rank and file membership of the Democratic Party strongly supports gun ownership rights (not to mention magazine-ownership rights.) I've never found "denouncing" to be a particularly effective way to win friends and influence, so, whatever some members may do or say as individuals, the GOC-DPO will not be looking to alienate anyone to the point that civil discourse with them is no longer an option.

That said, do we oppose anti-gun legislation? Of course we do. Semi-auto rifle and various magazine bans do nothing but criminalize law-abiding citizens and do not prevent crimes or stem violence. And as you know, gun control measures nearly always correlate to subsequent increases in crime; and the correlation is close enough to claim it's a causation: simply put, gun control increases crime.

We've seen many of the same anti-gun bills brought forward--and defeated--time and time again in the Oregon legislature by both major parties (see: Kevin Mannix Republican Gun Control) and such bills will be defeated again. Rather than "denounce" Ginny Burdick, what I'd like to show her is that her anti-gun efforts have been, are, and will be ineffective in changing the law (fortunately), but that those same efforts have single-handedly practically spawned a cottage industry in anti-Democratic political activism in Oregon (unfortunately), which in turn makes it more difficult to win voters and pursue the larger Democratic agenda--an agenda that doesn't include measures to outlaw firearms or criminalize gun owners.

Some legislators will never change their stance on some issues. The GOC is speaking directly with Democratic members of the legislature who are already pro-gun owner (yes, there are elected Oregon Dems who strongly favor RKBA ) to show them they have popular support. We are also focussing on getting our message out to those with no strong record or opinion on the issue, to let them know what their constituents really want. We are doing this by demonstrating that the majority of Democratic voters are staunch supporters of all Constitutional rights, including the simple, straight-forward right spelled out in the 2nd Amendment.