Friday, December 29, 2006

Update to Disturbing NRA Pamphlet

It's been a week since the document made its way into the blogosphere. I've called the NRA and NRA-ILA every weekday except Christmas. The responses have ranged from "This is the first I've heard of it" to "I'll get back to you" to "I need to do some more research on this" to "There will be a response on the website". What there hasn't been are denials, statements or returned phone calls and emails.

Given the speed with which the organization can respond and the fervor with which it defends its registered trademarks one must conclude it really is their baby. It's a shame. The NRA is the biggest and most effective pro-RKBA lobbying group. They've taken the low road, and I will not be renewing my membership or donating money to them until this is cleared up.


Zak J. said...

The pictures in the pamphlet really were over the top; I mean, Soros looked like The Penguin from Batman! But aside from that, is the substance of what is discussed there really different than that in Wayne LaPierre & James Baker's book "Shooting Straight"? I wonder.

Obviously you're right about the NRA's clout & (usual) credibility. However, I've wondered for some time now how much the organization has or hasn't become mostly an extension of the ego/identity of one man--LaPierre. I've never really gotten over the "jack-booted thugs" comment about the ATF agents Tim McViegh murdered. Is the NRA bigger than LaPierre?

Dan Gambiera said...

You're probably right about La Pierreism at the NRA. If it is turning into his own cult of personality it could mean the beginning of the end of the NRA's effectiveness. When the focus is on validating one person rather than the organization's objective the potential for loss of direction and "too much time talking to yourself" errors is high.

By the bye, according to the Washington Post:

A draft of the 27-page document, which was provided to The Washington Post by a source outside the NRA, lashes out at such icons of the left as investor George Soros, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) and Pelosi. They are depicted as part of "a marching axis of adversaries far darker and more dangerous than gun owners have ever known."

Few places are less likely to be burgled than the Fairfax County headquarters of the NRA. But Arulanandam alleged that someone recently stole a "working draft" of the pamphlet, called "Freedom in Peril."

Zak J. said...

Well, to their credit, it wasn't actually released--it was just a draft--so leaking it to the press as something that was genuinely endorsed by the NRA. Now that it's out there, they do need to deal with it. But if their marketing department works like most then there are probably dozens upon dozens of projects undertaken which never get the green light for public release. You have to give your internal people so leeway to be creative, just make sure they don't go to the press when one of their colleagues pulls a boner like this.

Personally, I'd like to see pro-RKBA groups in general abandon the overt (like this pamphlet) and implied anti-left rhetoric and focus on protecting the 2nd Amendment. GOA's recent mailing titled "The Barbarians Have Taken the Hill" was just silly considering the strength of the "Blue Dog" Democrats. Sure, call Pelosi & Kennedy (& Giuliani & Romney for that matter) out on the carpet for their blatant anti-Constitutional views, but don't use it as an occasion to attack the broad spectrum of left-wing political values because it combines issues that aren't connected to your cause and alienates possible allies.

Zak J. said...

Woops--that first line should have read Well, to their credit, it wasn't actually released--it was just a draft--so leaking it to the press as something that was genuinely endorsed by the NRA wasn't really fair.

Kevin Starrett said...

First of all, thanks for linking to our website. I welcome every Democrat who believes that people have a God given right to self defense. (Granted, my use of that term has infuriated a few Burdick supporters, but let's move on.) I am hopeful that this organization will be successful in convincing the Democratic leadership that their time would be better spent than in trying to disarm every Oregonian. And I truly, and without sarcasm, wish you luck. Now, as for the "NRA pamphlet." For 50 years, the NRA has been the single biggest organization SUPPORTING gun control. We have many examples of the NRA bragging about how they were behind one anti-gun bill or another. At one time LaPierre called the Brady Bill "the NRA's bill." And he had the bad taste to do it the night before a Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on gun control. As you can imagine, it was thrown in our faces. That being said, as a person who once worked for the NRA, and has locked horns with them for 20 years, I can tell you that the chances of this being an NRA publication are so small as to be virtually impossible. Sorry, they just don't have the imagination. The thing is classic leftist art. It's too trendy, too artsy and too over the top for anything the NRA could have ever dreamed up. Why they have not disavowed it is probably more due to ineptitude than anything else. Now, let's get to work and get the Demo leadership off the the gun control bandwagon.
Kevin Starrett
Oregon Firearms Federation

Kevin Starrett said...

On the other hand, if this quote from a news story (linked to this blog) is true... "What you see on the Internet is just in draft form," spokesman Andrew Arulanandam told "We have not even signed off on it yet. It was stolen during production." Then it might demonstrate that the NRA has truly lost it. Not that the threat isn't real, because despite what rank and file Democrats feel, leadership is undeniably anti-gun, but because this kind of stuff serves no rational purpose. Still it is hard to imagine the airheads in the Crystal Palace coming up with something like this.

Zak J. said...

Thanks for your perspective, Kevin. Has OFF ever considered going national?