Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Disturbing Development - Hop Over to the Toad Abode For Details

A lot of Democratic and Progressive voters have an uneasy relationship with the National Rifle Association. On one hand, they are the biggest and most successful organization defending our Second Ammendment Rights. On the other, they often appear to have become an extension of the far Right wing of the Republican Party, wholly owned by the GOP and indifferent or hostile to anyone who doesn't use a large "C" in his Conservatism. My personal take which does not represent the position of the DPO GOC is that they are in danger of falling into the same trap as the Human Rights Coalition on the Left; fundraising and influence have become ends in themselves rather than means to the original end.

But that's the sort of discussion best had over a couple beers.

The unsettling thing here is that a professionally done pamphlet is making the rounds ostensibly from the NRA. It uses NRA logos. It includes several calls for funds for the Association. It sets up the NRA as the sole defender of our rights against the Forces of Darkness. It is also a piece of race-baiting, Jew-baiting hatefilled trash of the first order. I've seen similar stuff from the late unlamented George Lincoln Rockwell and the National Alliance.

There has been a lot of speculation in the blogosphere about what it really is. Is it authentic? Is it an aborted project from the NRA? Is it a hoax by anti-gun people? Is it an ill-guided attempt by a pro-gun group to support the National Rifle Association? At this point nobody knows. I have made several calls to the NRA and NRA-ILA headquarters. So far there has been no response other than "I need to do some more research on this", "I haven't received a definitive answer" and "When there is an official response it will be on the NRA-ILA web page." A few days of this makes sense. If it goes on too much longer a reasonable person will be forced to conclude that they are responsible and have abandoned Theodore Roosevelt for Michael Savage.

We shall see.

For links to further discussions of this and links to the original pamphlet (Boing Boing's is the best. Raw Story's has some strange artifacts in some of the pictures) take a look at this entry on my blog.


Zak J. said...

Hard to see who that pamphlet or "graphic novel" is attempting to appeal to, regardless of who published it.

Orygunner said...

You're joking, right? Do you honestly think the NRA put this out? You do know the NRA's current president is Jewish, don't you? All you're doing by promoting this ridiculously obvious fraud is to contribute to the liberal demonization of the NRA. I thought your organization was supposed to be pro-gun? The NRA is far from perfect, but it's truly absurd to actually believe they published this pamphlet. Something typical anti-gun "progressives" would swallow hook, line, and sinker, but I thought you folks were different.

RightDemocrat said...

I strongly differ with the NRA bias in favor of Republicans, but agree that this cannot be a real NRA publication. Any nut case can put something like this together and ad the logo of the NRA, ACLU or whatever to their publication. There would be no benefit to the NRA to engage in such vicious anti-semitism. This is either the work of some fringe Nazi hate group or anti-gun group trying to discredit the pro-RKBA movement.

Dan Gambiera said...

As I mention in the next blog entry, the fact that it's been a week and they haven't bothered to disavow it is troubling. Now that it's hit the mainstream media as in this ABC story the claims of a hoax are getting more farfetched.

Wayne La Pierre's people don't seem to care if it's attributed to them. They don't bother to issue even the briefest correction or rebuttal. They stonewall requests for confirmation or denial.

It certainly seems like they own it and are hoping the bad publicity will just go away. It is a great example of "Two Minute Hate" of the sort that would bring a tear to my favorite English Commie's (George Orwell's) eye.