Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Gun Owners Should Represent as Election Volunteers

I just returned from the Ted Kulongoski & Howard Dean rally in Portland tonight. Both men were on fire, as were the many other state and federal office holders on hand. Turnout was a couple hundred and was covered by several local TV news crews.

When I showed up, Jenny Simonis, Multnomah County Democrats field coordinator, handed me a clipboard with orders to canvas the crowd of faithful Democrats for Volunteers. The DPO and all 36 county parties still need volunteers for phone banking and for canvassing--going door-to-door. I've been doing both for Kulongoski and for Rob Brading, as have several other of our caucus members who I see at events here in Portland.

All members of the Gun Owners Caucus should make an effort to give as much time as you can between now and the November 7th election. It doesn't matter where you live--we need the voters of all 36 Oregon counties to be part of our victory.

And if you do volunteer--make a point of letting people know you're volunteering on behalf of the GOC. The GOC doesn't have our own voter outreach program in place yet--we are volunteering within the DPO and county Democratic parties--but when we do volunteer we need to let those organizations know that we are there on behalf of the caucus. It shows our commitment, builds clout, and helps the Party WIN. All good things.

Case in point--last week I was at the DPO headquarters in Portland and the volunteer on the phone next to me got a question about Rob Brading's position on gun rights! "He's supports them," I told her. "East [Multnomah] County has one of the highest per capita hand gun ownership rates in the state. Those are Rob's people." How else would she have known that if I hadn't been there to tell her?

So please use the phone numbers or the links below to find out where to volunteer. As Howard Dean said tonight, if the election were held today, the Democrats would take the House and the Senate...but the election isn't for three weeks. We know what the Republicans are capable of doing to pull a Hail Mary or "October Surprise" in the final weeks. It's up to us to keep voters focused on the issues.

Here's where to volunteer:

Democratic Party of Oregon - Volunteer
DPO Volunteer Phones:
Portland: 503-224-8200
Eugene: 541-434-2189

Note--time is short; calling to volunteer is probably the way to go at this point.

Let's help take back America!

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Chuck Butcher said...

Print up some copies of 08-05 for handouts, where ever you are as GOC