Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Gun Owners Should Represent as Election Volunteers

I just returned from the Ted Kulongoski & Howard Dean rally in Portland tonight. Both men were on fire, as were the many other state and federal office holders on hand. Turnout was a couple hundred and was covered by several local TV news crews.

When I showed up, Jenny Simonis, Multnomah County Democrats field coordinator, handed me a clipboard with orders to canvas the crowd of faithful Democrats for Volunteers. The DPO and all 36 county parties still need volunteers for phone banking and for canvassing--going door-to-door. I've been doing both for Kulongoski and for Rob Brading, as have several other of our caucus members who I see at events here in Portland.

All members of the Gun Owners Caucus should make an effort to give as much time as you can between now and the November 7th election. It doesn't matter where you live--we need the voters of all 36 Oregon counties to be part of our victory.

And if you do volunteer--make a point of letting people know you're volunteering on behalf of the GOC. The GOC doesn't have our own voter outreach program in place yet--we are volunteering within the DPO and county Democratic parties--but when we do volunteer we need to let those organizations know that we are there on behalf of the caucus. It shows our commitment, builds clout, and helps the Party WIN. All good things.

Case in point--last week I was at the DPO headquarters in Portland and the volunteer on the phone next to me got a question about Rob Brading's position on gun rights! "He's supports them," I told her. "East [Multnomah] County has one of the highest per capita hand gun ownership rates in the state. Those are Rob's people." How else would she have known that if I hadn't been there to tell her?

So please use the phone numbers or the links below to find out where to volunteer. As Howard Dean said tonight, if the election were held today, the Democrats would take the House and the Senate...but the election isn't for three weeks. We know what the Republicans are capable of doing to pull a Hail Mary or "October Surprise" in the final weeks. It's up to us to keep voters focused on the issues.

Here's where to volunteer:

Democratic Party of Oregon - Volunteer
DPO Volunteer Phones:
Portland: 503-224-8200
Eugene: 541-434-2189

Note--time is short; calling to volunteer is probably the way to go at this point.

Let's help take back America!

Innocents Betrayed Showing at Clinton Street Theatre

This announcement was sent to me by the Oregon Firearms Federation via their listserv, which I recommend Oregon gun owners sign up for. Click to see a promo for the Innocents Betrayed film. See you at the movies.


"Innocents Betrayed," the movie by Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership, will be shown in Portland, at the Clinton Street Theater.

The film will be shown on Sunday, October 22, at 2pm.

This riveting presentation is a damning indictment of gun control and the untold millions of lives lost to its false promise.

Getting to see this movie under any circumstances would be an important event for any gun owner, but on Sunday, you can actually see it for free. That's right, the movie will be free, but there is limited seating, so if you are in the Portland area and can make it to the theater, please come early to make sure you get a seat.

The good people who are making this possible have invited people from all sides of the gun control debate. Following the movie there will be a half hour opportunity for anyone to have three minutes at the microphone to express their views on the movie and the entire issue of gun control. Following that will be a "freedom market" where any organization that wants to offer products and services that promote freedom will be given the opportunity to do just that. OFF will be there.

This is a powerful and important film. We suggest you make every effort to come. If you have friends or family that still believe that gun control is a good idea, this would be a great way to show them the truth.

The Clinton Street Theater is located at 2522 SE Clinton Street in Portland 97202 <>.

For more information, contact Renee Kimball at 503-238-6973. E-mail

Event flyer available here

Monday, October 09, 2006

Region Trumps Party in the Gun Control Debate

The sincerest form of flattery is imitation. But on the web, we can link:

In cruising the RKBA websites, I came across this gem entitled "Don't Blame Liberals for Gun Control" posted on the Portland Independent Media Center site in 2004. It makes some great points, including an "outing" of Republican gun-control advocates like Mitt Romney (Massachusetts), Guiliani (NY), Pataki (NY), Nixon (CA), Ronald Reagan (CA), Bush I (Connecticut), , and others.

Notice where these people are from. In short, gun-control ain't about the party--it's about the part of the country a pol comes from. In Oregon gun control is not favored by a substantial portion of either major party. No thanks, California, but we prefer feeling safe in our homes.

The PIMC post is a couple years old, but still timely and valid. Give it read.