Friday, September 15, 2006

GOC Getting Early Press!

Having just gotten the official nod from the DPO on Sept 9, the GOC is already getting good press both in the papers and in at least one RKBA website with a national audience.

Here's a sampling:
The discussion thread in The HighRoad is especially useful to read because it shows the depth of the belief that Democrats just can't possibly be pro-2nd Amendment. It's worth taking a look at what people on there had to say from across the political spectrum.

A lot of "Democratic activists" (the Trib's term) have been coming up to me lately or getting in touch on the web and asking what they can do to take the message forward that the Democrats are THE PARTY that supports the WHOLE Constitution--all of it, as written.

And they aren't talking about hunting. I think we just may turn out to be in the majority.


Zak J. said...

We have also made print in the Central Oregonian. Thank you Steve B!

There should be a little more mainstream press coverage this week, as well as continued "viral marketing" through the Internet, including (not sure of the date yet for that, but it should be this week.)

Zak J. said...

Oregon Firearms Federation has kindly picked up the Tribune article and linked to it on their website:

Love that Internet!

Dan Gambiera said...
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Zak J. said...

GOC's efforts have made the Willamette Week, v.32 issue 46 on Sept. 20.

Just a blurb on page 11 under the "trail mix" feature. But they clearly identified Democratic House candidate Rob Brading as a man with "Second Amendment bona fides," which he certainly is.

You can pick up a free copy throughout the PDX metro area.