Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Oregon Democratic Party State Convention 2006 ended today after three jam-packed days spent critiqing ourselves, our party, and our common goals for our great country. Attending was exhausting but exhilerating; like witnessing the birth of a child (let alone having one, I know, but as a man I can only do so much on that score.)

One thing that was abundantly clear in that political setting--Democrats love their country and demand a lot of it, like a tough coach. Most of all, we love the freedoms guaranteed to us in our Constitution.

That revered document is what binds us as a nation and protects us as individuals. Deeper divisions than the mere politics of the moment threathen us if either wing of our political spectrum decides to pick and choose to obey and enforce. (I won't even take a swipe at anybody here--we all know it when someone walks off the path; no sense pretending otherwise.) These principles were reiterated again and again this weekend. We must obey the laws of our land, and adhere to the principles upon which they are based which are enumerated in the Constitution.

In politics as in our professions, we succeed best by following our passions. For me, the 2nd Amendment is a particular passion, and so I begin this site to educate the general public about the pro-Constitutional, pro-gun stance of the Democratic Party, and also in hopes it will serve as a forum for law-abiding, gun-owning Democrats to meet and discuss their viewpoints on the rights and duties of gun owners in our free society.

The Convention debates are over. Let the debates begin!